Thursday, May 02, 2024

Arizona Republicans furious about Drag Queen Story Hour event in which no children were in attendance

The lies that Drag Queen Story Hour and drag queens in general are integral in some plot to "sexualize" or "trans" kids is a lie. We all knew this from the beginning. A recent incident at the Arizona State Capitol puts an exclamation point to that declaration.

Check out the tweet courtesy of Arizona Republicans:


The hysterical narrative is that stuff like this is a way of supposedly "sexualizing" or "transing" kids. That in itself is ridiculous, but The Arizona Central also adds more details which underscores the inanity of the claim.

From The Arizona Central:
 On Tuesday, the Arizona Legislature was, as usual, not working, and so the Arizona LGBTQ+ Caucus met in the House basement for a “drag story hour.” There were no children present, according to Rep. Lorena Austin, D-Mesa, who organized the event in conjunction with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. There was nothing sexually explicit or even vaguely provocative, based upon videos posted to social media. Just a person dressed in makeup, a sparkly suit and what looked to be a rather cool hat that Zorro would have totally worn, reading a story to adults about issues confronting the LGBTQ+ community. 

 To reiterate, there was nothing scandalous or sexual about this event. And not only that, NO children were in attendance anyway. 

 But in terms of hypocrisy, the situation gets funnier. While Republicans are all "in the vapors" about the Drag Queen Story Hour event, they said nothing when several weeks ago, other Republicans held a prayer circle on the Senate floor. These folks even knelt on the state seal as one of them spoke in tongues:

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