Tuesday, December 13, 2016

'Latest 'War on Christmas' lie reveals empty shell of religious right groups' & other Tue. midday news briefs

I've had it up to the tiptop of my last nerve with this phony 'War on Christmas.'

Liberty Counsel Warns That Religious Leaders Might Soon Be Beaten To Death For Celebrating Christmas - This absolutely obscene post underscores just what is wrong with anti-lgbt religious right and "traditional values" groups. If it's not lgbts, they are conjuring up something up to scare their supporters. I mean really! Isn't the main tenet these people are supposed to have is faith in God? I was raised in a faith (a black church) that, despite it's faults, told me to have faith in God and not to fear Man. Groups like the Liberty Counsel are all fear, apprehension, and despair. Where is the peace knowing that you are in God's bosom? Where is the comfort? Where is the knowledge that "no weapons formed against you shall prosper" (an actual Biblical verse.)?  They are constantly creating false futures in which evangelicals and Christians (who hold their point of view) will be victims of mass persecution and/or genocide. Where is the faith and intelligence of those who claim to be Christians? How long will they allow these folks to enrich themselves by conjuring up dystopian futures instead talking about the love of God? The Liberty Counsel and other religious right groups are nothing more than emotional manipulators who will use anything to further their reach on the gullible, including a joyous holiday like Christmas. If anything, this constant appeal to fear  says that groups like the Liberty Counsel  see the Christian faith as a commodity. It also says that their supporters' faith in God doesn't go further than passing judgement and thinking of themselves as the entitled top of a social class.

Man Says Trump Gave Him Permission to Scream Homophobic Tirade in LGBT-Friendly Church - Trump is merely the new fuel. The old homophobia and bigotry always endures. 

 Transgender employment discrimination suit can proceed, federal judge rules - Good news! A positive outcome will be beneficial for a long time.

 15 Queer Women Whose Fearlessness In 2016 Gives Us Hope For 2017 - Women in general don't get the credit they deserve as trendsetters and leaders. Follow these ladies' lead instead of the fear you may be facing about the coming Trump Administration. 

Photo taken from Raw Story.

The more homophobia changes, the more it stays the same

While watching this old clip of an Anita Bryant interview (I don't think I need to go into a recap about her influence on anti-lgbt propaganda), it's amazing to see how her mannerisms and claims are still prevalent in the pushing of anti-lgbt propaganda. One thing which really stands out is semantic argument that lgbts are somehow a threat. That's the issue we should tackle. And not in a way which makes us look like we are begging for "tolerance" or "acceptance." The fact of the matter is that we are taxpaying citizens and many of us have families. America should do right by us, like it does heterosexuals.