Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Making fun of anti-gay liars is always good therapy

I want to do something thought provoking and intelligent tonight but I'm not in the mood.

Those who read my blog have been with me through it all, be it fire leading to temporary homelessness to annoying power outages.

So now comes theft. Some unemployed by choice idiots broke into my apartment and stole my laptop and television.

Of course the benefits of having a job and a little bit of mad money is that I was easily able to replace them, albeit I will be paying for them both over over a year thanks to lovely rent-to-own deals.

Oh well, I will take solace in the fact that the idiots who stole my laptop can't make it work. I had no battery and they left the plug.

I hates a thief but I can't stands a dumb one.

Anyway, the following clip is from Infomania making fun of anti-gay "therapist" Richard Cohen and others who push the phony theory of reparative therapy.

Enjoy. Tomorrow morning I should have my mojo back:

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National Organization for Marriage gets smacked down in NC and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Pam Spaulding’s Encounter With NOM Volunteer - Man I wish the NOM folks would come down to South Carolina.

Guest column by CD Kirven: Open Letter to Dr. Alveda King from a Black LGBT Rights Activist - An excellent retort to the madness that is Alveda King.

Rep. Lamar Smith: No Impeachment of Judge Vaughan Walker - And sanity reigns. At least just a little bit.

Porno Pete’s Truth Academy Bombs - A lovely point which should be reiterated. By the way, I requested Petey's friendship on Facebook. Bet I have a better chance of kissing Brian Brown than him saying yes. Then again, perish the thought. Gay is not a synonym for desperate.

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Why Prop 8 lost - the video evidence speaks for itself

By way of Box Turtle Bulletin, I saw this on LGBT POV:

Most of us were so swept up in anticipation of, then excitement over District Court Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling last Wednesday, Aug. 4, affirming the constitutional right of same sex couple to marry that we didn’t notice that court also posted videos and documents presented as part of the Prop 8 trial. All of this material – including the actual courtroom testimony (transcripts of which are available on the American Foundation for Equal Rights website – is now part of the record going before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal.

And needless to say that this video evidence is stunning. It totally belies the claims - especially by folks like Brian Brown from the National Organization for Marriage - that people voted Proposition 8 to specifically "protect marriage."

A lot of lies and fear went into pushing for Proposition 8. Right now, the writer of the piece, Karen Ocamb, is focusing on the testimony, the Executive Director of the San Francisco-based Traditional Family Coalition and a Protect Marriage spokesperson in the Asian community.

Tam tried to leave the case because he claimed he was fearful for the safety of his family. He ended up being a hostile witness for the plantiffs and did more than enough to prove that the Prop 8 vote wasn't just about marriage:

The most striking portion of the deposition, which was shown at trial, is Tam acknowledging the aforementioned letter he had written urging a vote for Prop 8 in which he says that same sex marriage will lead to legal prostitution and legal sex with children:

“This is put forth by the SF city government, which is under the rule of homosexuals. They lose no time in pushing the gay agenda – after legalizing same sex marriage they want to legalize prostitution. What will be next? On their agenda list is: legalizing having sex with children.”

Aside from Tam's videotaped testimony, other video evidence, which comprised mostly of the commercials for the Prop 8 side are stunning in their inaccurate claims about how marriage equality would harm children or how churches could lose their tax-exempt statuses. They would be downright infuriating until one realizes that while it was stuff like this that ensured a victory at the ballot box, it also ensured an embarrassing defeat in court.

Turnabout is fair play indeed.

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