Thursday, June 10, 2021

Franklin Graham angry that the Pride flag is flying at US embassy in the Vatican. Good. Stay mad.

For Pride Month, the American Embassy in the Vatican is flying our rainbow pride flag. Some people like Franklin Graham are upset about it. 

And I am so here for it

 If we are pushing an agenda (which is such a vague thing to say to begin with), it is one of joy, love, self-determination, and self-esteem. Now if Frankie wants to whine about a 'negative agenda, he would have much to choose from when taking into account the past four years. That was when he attempted to make Donald Trump seem like the orange incarnation of Jesus. 

To wit:

If Frankie thinks that he can go back to condemning  LGBTQ people without people reminding him how he coddled and kissed up to the worst president in American history, he is sorely mistaken.

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