Wednesday, February 24, 2016

'Daily Show conducts surreal interview with anti-gay 'semen latte' pastor' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Dear folks. Once you see this interview from The Daily Show with the extremely homophobic pastor David Manning (who, amongst other things, claims Starbucks adds the semen of gay men in their lattes), you will be practically cheering for him to lose his church to the Ali Forney Center. The Ali Forney Center provides housing to homeless lgbt youth. 

 In other news:

  Houston, We Have an LGBT Problem - I LOVE my lgbt community but it has a hard time retaining lessons. The defeat of the pro-lgbt ordinance in Houston practically mirrors our original loss in the Prop 8 fight. The fact that we eventually won the Prop 8 fight and marriage equality in general is irrelevant. We must take to heart every lesson we learn with every equality fight whether we win or lose. That's how you reach your peak of perfection. 

 If We Don't Act Fast, Half of Gay Black Men and a Quarter of Latino Gay Men Will Get HIV - According to the CDC, gay men of color are in serious danger of catching HIV. One reason is that this population is falling through the cracks when it comes attention given to the issues of our community. It speaks to a serious problem in terms of who are our leaders with regards to race, social strata, gender, etc. 

 Why Are Evangelicals Supporting The Unrepentant Donald Trump? - Because the religious right have consistently stoked their followers up on anger and fear. And now they have lost control. Anger and fear is like fire. They is easy to start, but difficult to control. 

GLAAD Relents to Uproar, Will Honor Bloggers This Year - And last, but not least, a happy ending to the controversy between GLAAD and the lgbt blogging community. Kudos to those who defended the honor of lgbt bloggers because we are truly the Field Marshals of the lgbt equality movement. And special kudos to GLAAD for rectifying the situation.

Video - LGBT community stand against fear mongering at Charlotte City Council meeting

By a vote of 7-4, Charlotte City Council passed a pro-lgbt nondiscrimination ordinance. Unfortunately, like with all pro-lgbt nondiscrimination ordinances lately, opponents focused their attention on demonizing the transgender community. Most specifically, they continued to spin the popular lie that predators and pedophiles will disguise themselves as women to assault little girls and older women in restrooms and locker rooms.

Courtesy of the Charlotte Observer is a video featuring testimony for and against the ordinance which took place before the vote: