Wednesday, February 07, 2024

'Libs of Tik Tok's Chaya Raichik has meltdown when called out again by NBC News' & other Wed/Thur news briefs


Libs of Tik Tok's Chaya Raichik being interviewed by Tucker Carlson (left) and attending the Jan 6th insurrection (right).

Editor's note - You ever had one of those days when you are ill AND there is a lot of stuff going on; so much so that you have to put out news briefs instead of focusing on one issue? Apparently, that's MY day today:

After Libs of TikTok posted, at least 21 bomb threats followed - More of the same from Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik. And she is reacting to the article with the self-pitying, hysterical junk we've come to expect from her. 

Chaya Raichik is probably the saddest, most pathetic bigot I've ever come across in the 17 years I've had this blog. She's a hyperactive version of a repressed old maid in that she anoints herself as a guardian of morality, so she doesn't to face the fact that no one wants or desires her. By pointing an accusing finger at LGBTQ people, Chaya refuses to take responsibility for what makes her a repellent person. If she did, she would realize that her attitude is the problem. She exudes vitriol and hatred from every pore like body odor. Or maybe Chaya is fully aware of this fact and that makes her all the more sadly repulsive. Just like a snake can't ever change from being a snake, a hateful pig can't stop wallowing in the mud. 

 In other news:

Transgender bathroom bills are back. Does the nation care? - I personally think it's because the conservative make-up of the Supreme Court has made certain people bolder. 

Survey: 90,000 trans people overwhelmingly say life improves after transition - Folks need to pay attention to what trans people are saying instead of trying to legislate their lives out of existence.