Monday, November 06, 2023

Chaya Raichik is making a sociopathic fool of herself

 Well, isn't this charming?

After complaining extensively last week that the USA Today article detailing her exploits of hate would cause her to get harassed and death threats, Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik recently posted the following on Twitter.

And then she's changed her profile banner to the following as an attempt to mock how she has been connected to bomb threats against schools and hospitals.

Let's be clear about what she's doing. Chaya is making fun of the fact that her deceptive Twitter posts have been connected with several incidents of harassment and bomb threats to children's hospitals, schools, and individuals. I guess Chaya thinks she's being funny (and her supporters are no doubt loving it) but it only underscores just how much of a sad little girl she is. A sad little girl who, by the pictures, has a head shaped like a bowling ball pin.

Okay that was mean. I will be serious.

When it comes to people like Chaya, it is difficult to take the high road. They thrive on the chaos they cause, particularly when it creates tangible harm. They live for instigating evil and then watching with glee when their actions create problems for others, especially those who they dislike because of their own prejudices. Chaya claims that her actions are to protect kids from LGBTQ grooming but it's obvious that her explanation is merely an excuse for her to satisfy her own sadistic tendencies.

In the old days, we called people like her sociopaths. But I guess they should be referred to - in Chaya's case - as social media influencers.

I almost feel sorry for Raichik because it's obvious that all of the hatred she spews and the harm she causes is coming from a pitch-black place inside of her. Maybe she had awful parents. Maybe she was constantly teased as a child. Maybe she suffered a painfully traumatic incident which shaped her adult outlook. Maybe she was unfairly criticized for being too overweight, too skinny, too plain. or having a grating voice (because her voice is annoying as hell). And maybe all of this created a desire in her to harm others.

Or maybe none of that happened. Maybe she had a good upbringing with loving parents and popularity but still ended up being this twisted, heartless ghoul in a woman's skin because that's simply how things work out.

It really doesn't matter one way or another because in the long run, Chaya is also self-destructive. She takes too much happiness in upending people's lives. She oozes a joy akin to that of a sadist when he's torturing a puppy or a kitten. 

And that type always becomes too much for even their supporters. They simply can't help themselves because they live for the misery they cause like rutting hogs to the trough. And an overfed hog always disgusts everyone around it sooner or later.

Oh, and she comes across as racist, too (surprise, surprise)

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