Tuesday, December 08, 2015

'The anti-gay right and the targeting of transgender children' & other Tue. midday news briefs

District 211 keeps deal on transgender student after heated debate - In the case of the transgender student in Illinois, confusion reigns. There are some stories which say the school capitulated to the Justice Department in this situation. But it's not clear.

How One Illinois School Really, Really Wants To Discriminate - One thing which is clear is something everyone is missing in terms of just how sinister transphobia is as compared to basic homophobia. False claims about gays and lesbians being predators were centered more on adults. The negative effects of these claims trickled down to gay and lesbian children, making us feel isolated and depressed. In the case of transgender children, the anti-gay right and their supporters have NO compunctions with putting the bullseye directly on the child. 

'We will teach tolerance': After community debate, Mount Horeb School Board approves transgender measures - But there is good news in Wisconsin without any confusion.  

Sharp Rise In HIV Among Young Black Gay Men Is “An Injustice,” Health Official Says - Yes it is. And symbolic how in both the lgbt AND African-American communities, gay black men are falling through the cracks. Don't pray for us afterwards. Help us now.

Same-sex adoption case challenges what it means to be parent - Still things to do . . .

Huckabee thinks he can take away rights that lgbt Americans earned

Most of us are alarmed about Donald Trump because he is a bombastic fool whose ideas are a threat to the integrity of this country. But let's not forget others whose ideas are equal threats, even though they aren't as vulgarly bombastic in expressing them. Take this video above of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee being interviewed by NOM founder Robert George. Huckabee is explaining why he would actually ignore the SCOTUS ruling which legalized marriage equality. He comes across as calm and deceptively reasonable, but allow me to decode what he says:

"I don't like the ruling so as president, I will ignore it. Even though it had gone through the proper channels, I will usurp the authority of the Supreme Court because they didn't rule the way I wanted them to. And of course my way is the right way because I worship the correct God. Who cares about gays because really they don't count as American citizens." 

No matter how pretty you attempt to make it sound, b.s. is b.s. whether it is from obnoxious individual such as Donald Trump or a deceptive homophobe like Mike Huckabee.