Sunday, January 29, 2012

National Org for Marriage official doesn't want to talk about 'diaper pastor' ally

Patrick Wooden
Last week, I asked that readers of this blog contact National Organization for Marriage cultural director Thomas Peters and ask him why is the organization allying itself with Raleigh, NC Pastor Patrick Wooden.

NOM hopes to pass an anti-marriage equality amendment in NC this year and Wooden is doing outreach in black churches in order to get support for the amendment.

Now the pushers of this amendment - Vote for Marriage NC, the umbrella group led by NOM, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, NC Values Coalition and the Christian Action League -  have said that they want a dignified and fair discussion on marriage equality.

However, Wooden seems to have not gotten the memo. Two weeks ago during an interview, he claimed that gay men have so much anal sex that they require surgery and wear diapers to control their bowel movements.

Last week, he claimed that gay men use gerbils, baseball bats, and cell phones for sexual thrills.

In between those two interviews while I encouraged folks to write to Peters or tweet him, I myself emailed Peters inquiring about Wooden.

Not surprisingly, I received no answer.

So yesterday, I read the following from a post on from Peters:

That motivated me to send him three messages on twitter:

@AmericanPapist We aren't trolls. We just want NOM to make a statement about 'diaper pastor' Patrick Wooden.

@AmericanPapist If you want a nice discussion on marriage equality, then why is NOM using this services of this awful man?

@AmericanPapist Patrick Wooden says gay men wear diapers and "use" gerbils but NOM using his help in North Carolina. Please explain why.

You can guess what happened next.

No answer.

Of course I can hear folks say "well what the heck did you expect" and they are right.

NOM likes to whine about being labeled as "bigots" but then none of the organization's people will say a word when it comes to calling out its allies for their homophobic behavior. It's the typical hypocritical behavior we have come to expect from the organization.

Just something to keep in mind.

And throw in NOM's face every chance we get.

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