Monday, November 01, 2021

FRC president Tony Perkins claims gays are using LEGOs, Skittles, Rainbow Disney, and cereal to indoctrinate children


Hate group the Family Research Council goes where the outrage is. Its fundraising email calls 'wokeism' a danger to American children, but the propaganda screams homophobia. Apparently, directly targeting LGBTQ people as a danger to children isn't as lucrative as wrapping up the same old hysteria into a deceptively brand new package and calling it 'wokeism.'  

The irony is that the stuff which FRC president Tony Perkins lists as dangerous isn't dangerous. In fact, these incidents and products which Perkins claims are detrimental to children bring about the opposite effect because they underscore a simple truth - that LGBTQ children and same-sex families exist. 

There is nothing sexual about it and if Mr. Perkins feels that his family suffers because of this, then that's solely his problem. If he feels that he and his organization has a right to erase these children and families, well he needs to get off of his high horse.

America belongs to LGBTQ children and same-sex families as much as it belongs to Perkins. Nor does he, his group, or anyone who supports FRC have any right to define children and families to fit their narrow definitions. LGBTQ children and same-sex families have every right to receive public support and acknowledgement.  They are no danger to anyone. 

 I can't say the same for the propaganda of Perkins and FRC. 

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