Friday, February 28, 2014

Know Your LGBT History - Olivia Newton John's 'Physical' video

The video for Olivia Newton John's smash hit 'Physical' was one of a kind and very daring in 1981 . Not only was it homoerotic but the ending highly controversial. According to Wikipedia:

MTV frequently cut the ending when it aired the video, and the sometimes sensuous nature of the video also led to it being banned outright by some broadcasters in Canada and the United Kingdom.

The controversy didn't hurt the song at all. It ended up as the number one song of the decade.

Some may view the ending as either insulting to gay men (the ending was played off like a big joke) or very misogynistic. Others may view it as empowering. But I think us gay men who were growing up as youngsters back then would agree on my last point.

We didn't give a flip.

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This video just upsets me so. If President Obama is unleashing white gay men on black men then where the heck are mine!!?? Oh wait a minute, I'm one of the black gay men President Obama is unleashing on white men.  Wait a minute . . . maybe I shouldn't have told you that. Oh God. Michelle Obama is going to drop me in the piranha tank now.

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