Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Libs of TikTok still threatening to lie about children's hospitals even after Twitter suspension

Some folks are determined to figuratively walk into a volcano.

From Media Matters:

Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik pledged to redouble her attacks on hospitals providing trans people with health care, she wrote in a rant on her Substack in which she called gender-affirming care “mutilating the body.” Raichik’s recent efforts against Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s National Hospital in D.C., and others have led to violent threats against health care providers and at least one request for help from law enforcement. Libs of TikTok has fallen silent on Twitter for the first time in weeks as a result of a suspension for violation of the platform’s rules against hateful conduct. 

 The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz reported on Sunday that Libs of Tik Tok had earned a seven-day suspension. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the suspension in a statement to Media Matters, saying that “we took enforcement action against the account … for violating our hateful conduct policy. The account was placed in read-only mode for seven days.” 

 Libs of TikTok has reportedly been suspended multiple times on multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Raichik’s last Twitter suspension came for accusing LGBTQ people of “grooming” children, which Twitter confirmed violates its policies against hateful conduct after pressure from Media Matters and others. 

 . . . The suspension comes after Libs of TikTok targeted Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., leading to online suggestions about bombing the hospital and putting its employees in a woodchipper. The account has targeted multiple other hospitals providing gender-affirming care, resulting in threats to patients and providers and forcing at least one hospital to request support from law enforcement. 

 . . . In a screed posted to her Substack after the suspension, Raichik alleged a diabolic plot by medical providers, writing that “a false belief in the mind is not treated by mutilating the body. Any doctor performing these surgeries should have their license revoked. They belong in prison.”

Again, let me remind people that Raichik is LYING when she claims that children's hospitals are mutilating trans children. She has been exposed several times for deliberately taking footage and clips out of context. 

If Libs of TikTok and Raichik want a degree from the University of FAFO (F@k Around and Find Out), I sincerely HOPE that Twitter stands ready to make them summa cum laude.

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