Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We should never forget the damage caused by anti-gay propaganda

From Right Wing Watch:

James David Manning, the anti-gay Harlem pastor who has struck up an alliance with the anti-government group Oath Keepers, took to his “Manning Report” YouTube program yesterday to explain his theory of how people become gay. Just as various diseases are spread through sexual intercourse and saliva, Manning explained, so too is the “sodomite demon.” If you have had sex with or even kissed or been at the same restaurant as someone who has such “demons in their blood,” he warned, you may have been “introduced to these demons in your life, sodomy, when you had no defense.”

Some of you are no doubt laughing yourselves silly and you should. Idiocy like this is waaaay out of the mainstream.

But if your laughter leads you to forget, perhaps you need a lesson in history. There was a time when junk like this was endorsed by individuals seemingly in the mainstream. There are these images for example, which throw out pretty much the same vile connotation:

'Scott Walker implies that gays are pedophiles' & other Wed midday news briefs

Scott Walker
Scott Walker’s Offensive Claim About Gay Men And Children - I personally think that Walker will be the Republican nominee for president and if he wins, he will backdoor workers nationwide with as much zeal as he did those in Wisconsin. His implied comments about gays just underlines the fact that this man shouldn't be elected as dogcatcher.

Few School Districts Have Anti-Bullying Policies Protecting LGBT Students - THIS is a consummate disgrace.

 Heroic Texas Librarian Helps Save LGBT-Themed Books Targeted By Anti-Gay ResidentsVIDEO - Wonderful lady!  

Tolerance wins in Texas! Watch Christians storm county meeting to censor LGBT books — and fail - More on the above insanity. Based on the stories I read as a child (Little Red Riding Hood getting eaten by the wolf, Rapunzel becoming pregnant by the visits of the prince to her tower (how the heck did you think the witch found out), Jack climbing the beanstalk and stealing the giant's treasures (that was before the sanitized version of the story which claimed that the giant had originally murdered Jack's father), a book showcasing lgbt lives seems rather tame.

 LGBT Elder Americans Act Introduced in Senate - Our community doesn't talk about the problems and issues of elder lgbts and it's high time that we do. 

 5,000 men and women to go naked to teach Obama a lesson about gays - You just KNOW this will not have the intended effect.