Sunday, November 20, 2022

Did the smearing of LGBTQ people as 'groomers' lead to the Club Q shooting?


    While the motive for the recent shooting at Club Q is not known, Colorado Times Recorder writer Heidi Beedle posted a Twitter roll of articles showing how the demonization of LGBTQ people as "child groomers" could have easily played a role in getting us to this point of tragedy.

We had an AWFUL day today.

 I won't go into details because I think you already know about the shooting at the gay bar Club Q in Colorado which left 5 people dead and 25 injured. Some fool came in shooting and caused havoc before he was brought down by patrons who risked their lives to end his madness

And while the motive behind this creature's shooting spree isn't officially known, it doesn't take a palm reader to know that all of the sh!t we've had to deal with from Matt Walsh, Libs of Tik Tok, Christopher Rufo most likely got us to this point.

All of the lies, all demonizing and smearing us as child molesters who are trying to mutilate children seems to have done its work. From idiots screeching about 'grooming' at school board meetings, from wannabe influencers posting taken out of context footage of kids and drag queens, to fools lying about healthcare for trans kids and issuing bomb threats to children's hospitals, to idiotic Proud Boys screaming threats at our events, it all comes down to the same thing.

As the days go by, we will no doubt talk about this even more. But here is a portion I hope you don't forget. It wasn't all about national faces and voices like Walsh or Libs of Tik Tok. There were more involved.

Heidi Beedle, a writer at the Colorado Times Recorder took it upon herself to create a Twitter thread of articles, when put together, could have predicted the shooting which went on at Club Q. It's scary when you take into account the motivations and actions of those whose deliberate smears of LGBTQ people possibly led to this.