Monday, June 18, 2012

The next time gays are accused of being 'drama queens . . '

From Right Wing Watch:

Last month, the Family Research Council hosted its annual "Watchmen on the Wall" conference in Washington DC and, in conjunction, organized a press conference where event speakers would gather to announce their support for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Among the speakers at the press conference was Jim Garlow, who took President Obama to task for saying that his Christian faith played a role in his support for marriage equality.  Declaring that anyone can call themselves a Christian but still be ill-informed, biblically illiterate, and even an apostate, Garlow offered Obama a lesson in "Basic 101 of Christianity" to set him straight that marriage has always been, and always will be, a union between on man and one woman.

Garlow then closed out his remarks by likening those opposing marriage equality today to Revolutionary War pastors who fought the British because, just like them, these Religious Right activists are are willing declare "if necessary, here we die!"

Throughout history, people have been willing to die in defense of their country and from religious persecution (which in all honesty, no one can call marriage equality religious persecution because isn't being forced to marry another man), but there has to be a special type of individual who will put his life on the line to justify his ego.

Come on Garlow and the rest of you guys! It doesn't even have to come to that. If you don't agree with marriage equality, you don't have to come to my wedding. Nor do you have to bring a gift.

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'Transgender man pops the question at White House reception' and other Monday midday news briefs

WATCH: A White House Pride Trans Marriage Proposal - This is too cool. Ordinarily I would make a joke about how the religious right react to something like this, but not now. I mean who really gives a crap about what they think about this awesome proposal. 

In other news:  

Target Sells Out - Hold up, folks. Don't get angry. Target has sold out all of its Pride t-shirts. Now I can ruminate how the religious right will react.
U.S. Senator, top conservative group call on Tony Perkins to revoke Ron Baity's award - This is hilarious. Infighting amongst religious right groups. Of course the media conveniently doesn't talk about this.
Kameron Slade, New York Fifth Grader, Prohibited From Giving Gay Marriage Speech At School - Including this for the update. He WILL be allowed to give his speech. Cool!
Michigan House Passes Anti-Gay ‘License To Condemn’ Counseling Bill - This right here is a nauseating disgrace. 

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Matt Barber - The audacity of a fake Christian

Matt Barber
The Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber has a message to folks he calls "average everyday homosexuals:"
I write this not to professional homosexuals. That is to say, not to members of the well-funded, politically powerful homosexual activist lobby. They will mock and reject my words outright. They will twist and misrepresent what I say to further their own socio-political agenda. That’s fine. It’s to be expected. It merits little more than a yawn and an eye roll.

Instead, I write this to my fellow travelers in life – average, ordinary people, male and female, young and old – who happen to call themselves “gay.” I write this out of obedience to God.

It is my hope and prayer that you will consider what I have to say and take it at face value. My intentions are pure and my motives upright. If I can plant the seed of truth in just one person, and that seed begins to sprout, then I consider this letter a success.

I pray that you are that person.
What I write may offend you. It may even infuriate you. But I hope it makes you think. Know this: Your friends have lied to you. Christians do not hate you. We love you intensely. We love you because of who you are, not because of what you do or because of who you think you are.

Bear in mind that this is the same Matt Barber who said the following:

Same-sex families are basically evil:

Gays push pedophilia:

Gay adoption is tragic:

It only goes to show that not only is Matt Barber a hypocrite but he is also a dumb hypocrite. Either that or his hatred towards the gay community has him thinking that we are not sexually disordered but we are also mentally disordered so much we won't think of googling his name to see whether his deeds match his words.

Don't get me wrong. I like Matt Barber. He is good for our equality struggle. Whenever someone needs a perfect example of the naked hypocrisy of the religious right, I point him out as a shining example.

It amazes me that this man, who has spent an disorderly large amount of his professional life lying on, defaming, and dehumanizing the lgbt community, has the nerve to come to us with talk of love, Jesus, and holy righteousness.

I have a two questions for Matt.

Have you lost your damn mind? Or better yet, just how stupid do you think we of the lgbtq community are?

You really expect us to listen to your phony words when we have been made unfortunate targets of your real words and your vindictive attacks? How can you talk about Christian love and morality to us after all you have done to bear false witness against us continuously and without apology?

You don't throw rocks at someone and then come to them holding your hand out in a false mea culpa.

And since you are so interested in talking about Jesus, remember what He said in Matthew 7-5:

You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

Matt, that beam in your eye is so huge and thick that it could up the roof of Madison Square Garden on its own without any help. It's a wonder how you can see out of both of your eyes.

Or maybe the words you spout just goes to prove that you can't see as much as you think you can.

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