Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maggie Gallagher now contradicting NOM on same-sex parenting

A while back when former National Organization for Marriage head Maggie Gallagher made a comment actually praising gay parents, I knew it would come back to haunt NOM.

Gallagher made the comment to save NOM from embarrassment because the constant negative comments it and its affiliate - the Ruth Institute - has continued to make about same-sex parenting and most specifically citing the discredited work of junk scientist Paul Cameron.

But if that was her intention, it failed miserably because the Ruth Institute keeps attacking same-sex parenting and now the lgbtq community has Gallagher on record giving a contradictory message.

The latest attack came today. From Equality Matters:

As Equality Matters has noted, the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) anti-gay politics go far beyond the issue of same-sex marriage. The group has been a strong proponent of restricting the rights of gays and lesbians to raise their own children -- arguing against adoption and non-discrimination efforts while promoting damaging myths about same-sex parents.

Last Friday, Jennifer Morse -- president of NOM’s Ruth Institute -- continued this trend in a blog post titled “Two Moms: the triumph of the Will over Nature.” 

In her post, Morse lamented the stories of two lesbian couples who gave birth to their children with the help of sperm donors, writing:
According to data from around the world, lesbian couples are the least stable type of couple. What happens when the partnership breaks down? [...]
One of the women donated the egg. The other had it implanted in her womb, and carried it to term. So, they are both mothers and both have custody rights. The child’s father was an anonymous sperm donor. He is completely out of the picture. No one cares about him. No one cares that this poor little girl will never know her father. [...]
The courts are trying to do the impossible: create justice out of an intrinsically unjust situation. [emphasis added]
Morse’s assertion that lesbian relationships are unstable- which she supports by citing 2006 studies from Sweden and California -- has been debunked by several recent reports

However, most specifically, this idea was debunked by Maggie Gallagher herself. Remember her statement:

I would like to say personally that nothing in any argument I've ever made on gay marriage, rests on the idea that same-sex couples harm their own children at any higher rates than any other family form. (If there is data that shows this, I've never seen it.)

Maybe Jennifer and Maggie need to have a discussion.

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'Did Mitt Romney nearly march in gay pride parade?' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Mitt Romney Almost Marched In The 2002 Boston Gay Pride Parade - For someone who seems to be anti-gay, Romney was definitely in our corner once upon a time.

Gingrich Argues Adoption Services Should Be Allowed To Take Taxpayer Money While Discriminating Against Gays
- Oh sure. Take our tax dollars while spitting in our faces.

Troy Mayor Said 'Disturbing Things' in Meeting, Gay-Straight Alliance Leader Says - Her again? I'm beginning to think that she doesn't like us lgbtqs.

UPDATE: NC elections official resigns rather than facilitate the marriage discrimination amendment - Good for her!

NOM EXPOSED: Earmarks for historical pockmarks: Brown commits $500k to NJ - Where oh where is NOM getting their money?

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Minnesota anti-gay group pushing contradictory messages

In a way to put a sort of a nice face on its efforts to disenfranchise same-sex families, Minnesota for Marriage - the group in that state trying to pass a law outlawing marriage equality - has launched phony newscasts called Minnesota for Marriage Minute:

It looks real nice and very artificial from its stock photos - of people not from Minnesota at the beginning - to the woman giving the news, former Minneapolis news anchor Kalley King Yanta.

But looks can be deceiving. Don't be fooled by this nice and light image. Particularly when one remembers that Minnesota for Marriage includes the group the Minnesota Family Council, the group which at one time accused gays of bestiality, pedophilia, and the consuming of body wastes.

And even Yanta is perpetrating, i.e. hiding her true feelings. In the above video, she is all sweetness and light. But according to the Advocate magazine, she reveals her true paranoia when it comes to marriage equality:

In an interview last week on the conservative Christian radio show Word of Truth,Yanta said she was moved to participate in the campaign because she believes heterosexual couples are best suited to raise children and because she fears that if same-sex marriage becomes widely accepted, those who oppose it could face serious consequences, including arrest.

“There are studies that are being conducted right now about how children are being raised and how that affects somebody in their psyche and in their self-esteem and in the various ways that that can affect a person being raised by either a man and a man or a woman and a woman,” she told host Brad Brandon. “It’s not natural.”

But that statement is in direct contradiction to a statement former National Organization for Marriage Maggie Gallagher said a while back:

I would like to say personally that nothing in any argument I've ever made on gay marriage, rests on the idea that same-sex couples harm their own children at any higher rates than any other family form. (If there is data that shows this, I've never seen it.)

The National Organization for Marriage is yet another organization which makes up Minnesota for Marriage. And I guess the organization doesn't mind contradictory messages as long as same-sex families are disenfranchised.

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