Monday, February 11, 2013

FRC recycles failed DADT predictions to attack gays in the Boy Scouts

Ever since the Boy Scouts hinted about a decision to do away with its "no gays allowed" policy, the Family Research Council has been working the talk shows and sending out emails with portents of doom of what will happen if this takes place.

 But as Carlos Maza from Equality Matters points out, there is something pathetically familiar about these talking points.

They were the same ones FRC used to against the DADT repeal. Unsuccessfully, I might add. What's more, now that DADT has been repealed since 2010, none of their predictions of doom have come true.

Maza points out three failed predictions. Allow me to spotlight one:

“Gays Will Increase The Rate Of Sexual Assault”

FRC on the Boy Scouts’ ban:
So what exactly is the incentive?... Is it safety? Because unless something changed in the last seven months, the Scouts are still dealing with the fallout of more than 2,000 cases of child molestation with the current policy in place! Can they honestly tell parents that entrusting little boys to men with same-sex attractions is somehow going to reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse?
FRC on DADT repeal:
The military already has a serious problem with sexual assault by homosexuals. If the current law against homosexuality in the military is overturned, the problem of same-sex sexual assault in the military is sure to increase.

For the other two, check out Maza's post. He ends it by saying:

In the case of DADT, not a single one of FRC’s doomsday predictions turned out to be anything more than baseless fear mongering – motivated by the group’s extreme anti-gay animus. FRC demonstrated that, when it comes to serious policy analysis, it doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

So what’s changed?

Now that the Boy Scouts’ final decision on its gay ban has been postponed until May, it’s likely that media outlets will get another opportunity to cover the controversy. When they do, they should ask how groups like FRC have any credibility when it comes to predicting the consequences of repealing the ban.

'Dan Savage weighs in on Indiana prom controversy' and other Monday midday news briefs

Anti-Gay Bigots at High School In Indiana Can't Ban Gay Kids From Prom... - Oh boy. The prom controversy in Indiana just went nuclear. Dan Savage has weighed in and you KNOW Savage doesn't mince words.  

Obama May Be Reconsidering Executive Order To Protect LGBT Federal Workers - Do the right thing, Mr. President.  

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  Teacher Says She Lost Job Over Gay Club - If this turns out to be true, then I hope she wins her lawsuit.

Sullivan High School student - 'my school and community supports lgbt students!'

A student at Sullivan High School in Indiana has written me about the controversy about several students and parents wanting to ban gay students from the prom and setting up a "traditional prom" instead:

I am a senior at Sullivan High School. Just wanted to let all of you know it is NOT the school that is banning same sex couples!! I hate how the school is being made out as the bad guy, that is not the case at all. The only prom that's banning them is the "traditional prom" that is being held somewhere else (it is not supported by the school). The only way they can go to the traditional prom is if they go with someone of the opposite sex.

Sullivan High School is ACCEPTING the same sex couples and the staff at SHS is for the same sex couples going and so are the majority of student and people in the community!!!! I absolutely hate how my town is getting called Anti-Gay Bigots because a few "Christians" are planning a separate prom!

Not all of Sullivan is like that I can damn well guarantee it. It appalls me that some people in my community cant accept others for who they are, but like i said not all of us are that narrow minded so please stop saying all of Sullivan County is like that because we aren't. My date (who is a guy) and I are attending the school prom that is ALLOWING same sex couples to go!

Please like this Facebook group it will help!

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