Thursday, August 02, 2018

Pro-Trump evangelical leaders hoping midterms will allow them to 'occupy' power until 'Jesus comes'

Just in case anyone doesn't understand how important the November midterms election are, allow this video courtesy of Right Wing Watch to persuade you.

 Three pro-Trump evangelicals are plotting what they want to happen in America should the GOP come out of the elections the big winners. And it goes beyond reducing LGBTQ equality. They aren't even attempting to hide their desire for a "non official, but in deed and action" conservative evangelical theocracy:

On today’s episode of the right-wing voter-mobilization series, “Faith for Our Nation,” airing on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Believers Voice of Victory network this week, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton and right-wing pastor George Pearsons declared that Christians have a “mandate” to help Republicans expand their control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections in order to help radically transform America in the next two years. 
Barton explained that Donald Trump won the 2016 election because evangelical Christians accounted for a larger percentage of the popular vote than in previous elections, saying that if Christians can again increase their percentages in the 2018 elections, “it will not be close.”

'Pro-Trump evangelicals expected to exploit their religion to drive up GOP voter turn out in Nov' & other Thur midday news briefs

Franklin Graham is one of the pro-Trump evangelicals who may try to drive up GOP voter turn out in Nov. Probably via his fake ass 'Decision America' nonsense tours.

These 5 right-wing pro-Trump evangelists are positioned to drive GOP voter turn-out in November - This brings to mind a saying which has been going around currently on the internet - "For years, the religious right have warned about the Anti-Christ. When he finally shows up, they are urging folks to support him. 

Japanese lawmaker says gay marriage will lead to Japan’s ‘decline and ruin’ - Proof that homophobia runs rampant on a worldwide level. They said that same thing in America about marriage equality and none of that junk has yet to have happened.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Tweeted About Jeff Sessions and the Internet Responded by Ruining Him: ‘You’re an Unapologetic Hack - Well damn. Sessions set up that nasty 'religious liberty' task force and then Falwell, Jr. goes off on him? I am confused. And not in a happy way. 

NRA’s Dana Loesch Says Sessions Should Fire Anti-Christian Bigots at DOJ - Purging in the name of Jesus. Oh that will go over well.