Thursday, August 02, 2018

Pro-Trump evangelical leaders hoping midterms will allow them to 'occupy' power until 'Jesus comes'

Just in case anyone doesn't understand how important the November midterms election are, allow this video courtesy of Right Wing Watch to persuade you.

 Three pro-Trump evangelicals are plotting what they want to happen in America should the GOP come out of the elections the big winners. And it goes beyond reducing LGBTQ equality. They aren't even attempting to hide their desire for a "non official, but in deed and action" conservative evangelical theocracy:

On today’s episode of the right-wing voter-mobilization series, “Faith for Our Nation,” airing on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Believers Voice of Victory network this week, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton and right-wing pastor George Pearsons declared that Christians have a “mandate” to help Republicans expand their control of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections in order to help radically transform America in the next two years. 
Barton explained that Donald Trump won the 2016 election because evangelical Christians accounted for a larger percentage of the popular vote than in previous elections, saying that if Christians can again increase their percentages in the 2018 elections, “it will not be close.”
 That prompted Pearsons, who is a senior pastor at Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church as well as Copeland’s son-in-law,, to declare that “we have to increase the Senate and we have to keep the House in order for us, with an eye on the future, [to implement] biblical values.” “There is so much that can be done from the biblical value or traditional value kind of thing,” Barton agreed. “If [in] this election, if we’re able to increase the [GOP majority in the] Senate some and get the House, this America will change more in the next two years than we’ve seen it change in the last 30 years.” 
“Praise God,” said Pearsons. “We have a responsibility, we have a mandate, and in that mandate, we are going to increase the Senate, we are going to keep the House, and we are going to have judges; judges who are righteous judges, judges who have biblical principles. We believe that. Father, we claim it in the name of Jesus, Father, for this next election. We receive righteousness in our nation. We decree it. We declare it. And we believe that the body of Christ is in the midst of an awakening and this awakening includes what our responsibility is in this nation. We will tend the garden and we will occupy until Jesus comes.”

Y'all, we need to bury whatever hatchets we have with each other and get out the vote come November. Otherwise, things may become uglier than they are now. 


Anonymous said...

so called men of God, why do you not talk about what YOUR president has done and said about people he is NOT a follower of JESUS

Angela Whyde said...

Please Real Men of God would have already performed an exorcism on Donald Trump

Hunter said...

"Barton explained that Donald Trump won the 2016 election because evangelical Christians accounted for a larger percentage of the popular vote than in previous elections. . . ."

Typical of Barton. What he left out is that Trump lost the popular vote by three million.