Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Former CA highway patrolman wins $2 million settlement in anti-gay lawsuit

In spite of what some people may think, LGBTQ folks can do any job we set out to do, including that of police officers. Some may stereotype us as weak, but as the case below proves, it is the homophobes who are weak. Ex-California highway patrol officer Jay Brome's successful lawsuit against his former employer proves that point. To the tune of $2 million.  

His victory took place in  October but based upon how Brome was harassed, this entire situation needs more attention focused on it.

From Q Voice News

Brome was a CHP officer from 1996 to 2015, when he took medical leave due to the stress of the homophobia he encountered. It began when he was in the police academy and continued throughout his CHP career. 

“There was bullying or name-calling — ‘fag,’ ‘gay,’’’ Brome told The Sacramento Bee in 2018. “I had an instructor that told me … to take my skirt off and start acting like a man.”

 At one point at the academy, according to his lawsuit, a fellow cadet aimed a training gun at his head and said, “I know you’re gay, tell me you’re gay or I’ll pull the trigger.” 

And as the article points out, once Brome graduated from the academy, things got worse. Exceedingly worse.

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