Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bryan Fischer refuses to answer question about 'gay impulses'

Editor's note - Congratulations to the Minnesota House of Representatives who voted for marriage equality!  Now onto the Senate and we will have marriage equality in Minnesota!

In the middle of the Minnesota celebration came news about anti-gay activist Bryan Fischer which may either make you laugh or nauseate you. During a very recent interview with Alan Colmes, Fischer refused to answer whether or not he has ever "experienced any gay impulses:"


Colmes: Have you ever had a gay impulse?
Fischer: (Laughing) Alan, I am not going to talk about that ...
Colmes: I'm just wondering ...
Fischer: Alan, I'm not going to go there. Give it a rest Alan ...
Colmes: It's a simple yes or no question.
Fischer: We're not going to talk about that.
Colmes: Because maybe if you've been able to overcome your gay impulses and you've been successful in doing it, you could be a model for other people you'd like to see act the same way.
Fischer: The focus here, Alan, is that everybody experiences sexual impulses that if they acted on those impulses, it would destroy them.
Colmes: Well, can you give me an example from your own life? What would be some of yours?
Fischer: You've experienced them ...
Colmes: I have?
Fischer: I've experienced them. Every man, every woman has experienced certain sexual impulses that, if they acted on them, if they conducted themselves by yielding to those impulses, it would destroy them. Ask Tiger Woods about that.
Colmes: I don't think I've ever had sexual impulses that would destroy the society or the culture or make me a deviant in some way. I honestly don't think that's ever happened, even in your eyes, so I'm surprised. I wonder what impulses you're talking about. If you've had them, I'd love to know what they are.
Fischer: Well the focus Alan is on sexual conduct, sexual behavior, not on sexual impulse ...
Colmes: So you won't tell me whether you yourself have been able to overcome a gay impulse?
Fischer: Alan, give it a rest.

I will let you judge why it was so difficult for Fischer to give a "yes" or "no" answer. However, if it turns out that Fischer is "family" even in the smallest way, can we somehow give him to the heterosexuals? I mean one gay asshole per generation is enough and that role is already taken, right Matt Drudge?

'Anti-gay group boasts about INSANE letter' and other Thursday midday news briefs

EXCLUSIVE: 'On My Honor' coalition 'likes' viciously anti-gay letter #standstrongbsa - A little tip, guys. Posting a long-winded, rambling letter from someone who can't spell the word "Satan" (Satin?) is not the way to get folks to support your homophobia.  

NOM Cherrypicks Opinions Of Two Individuals To Claim We Are ‘Lying’ About Wanting Marriage Equality - NOM cherrypicking opinions in a sad attempt to distort marriage equality? Naaaaah!
Minnesota Gay Marriage Vote Set In State Legislature - Keep your fingers crossed.

Gay Rights Poll: ABC News, Washington Post Survey Finds Support For Same-Sex Marriage, Ending Boy Scout Ban - America likes us! They really like us!

No religious protection is good enough for Brian Brown - I knew that "religious exemption" argument was just a dodge.

Why the religious right fears Jason Collins

The religious right continue their attacks on NBA player Jason Collins for coming out of the closet. Yesterday, Matthew Hagee, son of prominent pastor John Hagee gave his opinion as you can see in the above video.

The irony is that the religious right doesn't see what their attacks on Collins reveal about themselves. They claim to wonder why is it such a big deal that Collins came out of the closet. They claim it's not a big deal, that the "liberal" culture is making a big deal of it. Then they proceed to rip Collins from one end to the other for being gay in the first place, thereby proving why it's so important that in-the-closet celebrities come out.

The fact of the matter is that when a successful celebrity such as Collins comes out, it destroys all of the nonsense they spew about homosexuality being an "abomination" or a "dangerous lifestyle" which supposedly brings misery. It exposes all of what they have said about the lgbt community as a lie.

And that's why they are attacking Collins with such vigor. The religious right fears Jason Collins. Every interview he gives tells members of the lgbt community - both young and old - to not believe the lies and not to fall into the trap of negativity spun by the religious right.