Saturday, October 15, 2011

BUSTED! NOM supported poll against marriage equality called out for distortions

This piece is pretty significant as far as I am concerned because it is the lead story of the Huffington Post's Gay Voices section:
Contrary to almost every other national poll regarding marriage equality, Deseret News, a newspaper owned by the Mormon Church, claims that two thirds of Americans oppose marriage equality.

When the mouthpiece of the Mormon Church publishes a new poll showing that two thirds of Americans now oppose marriage equality, it raises some questions. One needs to ask who conducted the poll, who was questioned, and whether respondents reflect the demographics of the national population. There is little such information in the article. All it or the attached graphics indicate is that 1,000 randomly chosen adults in 50 states were surveyed.

Did these people represent groups proportionally, or, as in a previous National Organization for Marriage poll, was it skewed toward older respondents? Deseret News doesn't say, nor do they reveal whether respondents reflect the population distribution of the states. For instance, a poll that over-surveys residents of the South will be skewed in one direction, while one that over-surveys residents of the Pacific states and New England would give very different results.

And that's only the beginning. Other juicy tidbits of the article includes revealing the author of the poll: - Gary Lawrence

Latter-Day Commentary describes him as an "LDS, Republican, conservative hawk" who was the "state LDS grassroots director for the Protect Marriage coalition. Brother Lawrence, who has served as a bishop has spent over 35 years studying opinions and behaviors of the American public."

 . . . Lawrence is a political propagandist who earned a pretty penny peddling anti-gay polls. He is also being paid by NOM and the right-wing Minnesota Family Council to produce poll results on their behalf. Minnesota Independent reported that "the groups touting the survey are remaining mum about the poll's details." Lawrence said that he can't release the data "purchased by an outside group." At least he didn't suggest they fork out $29.50 for his book on how Mormons can "improve their image, and spread the gospel."

The article should be read in its entirety.

James Peron of the Moorfield Storey Institute - the writer of the piece - did his job well. He should be commended, as should the Huffington Post for giving the article prominence.

It is worth mentioning that NOM trumpeted the results of this poll yesterday on its blog. Perhaps someone - in a polite manner because we NEVER need to stoop to their level - should let the organization know that its face is now cracked and on the ground.

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This is what children will learn about gay history

I have not forgotten that this is LGBT History Month. How very appropriate that some folks in California who tried to stop the teaching of gay history failed miserably in their attempt.

Don't let them or anyone talking about children "being indoctrinated to accept a lifestyle" fool you with their phony talking points. The clip below - courtesy of The Legacy Walk - gives a true picture of what children will be learning when it comes to the contributions of the gay community.

We are more than merely an "orientation." We are a people.

And frankly, I don't see how it's such a bad thing for children to know:

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