Thursday, October 05, 2023

Chaya Raichik, why are you so 'stank?'

Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik 

Just in case anyone is fooled that Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik's sole concern is about 'protecting kids from 'sexualization' or whatever, her following tweets on Thursday should dispel all of that.

I guess Raichik's goal is to feed the wolves on Twitter who thrive on this sort of thing. But you know what? Our country right now has actual problems. In 2016, we elected Donald Trump, a dumbass wearing a suit and he wreaked so much havoc (including bungling a response to the COVID pandemic - an act which cost hundreds of thousands of lives) that we are still recovering. Meanwhile, we have a political party (Republicans) whose idea of legislating is stabbing each other in the back when they aren't jockeying for interview time in the right-wing ecosystem or being cute on Twitter. Their nonsense in the House of Representatives has brought this country to an ugly standstill. And some of them are seriously talking about making Trump the next Speaker of the House.

So I really don't care if what Cherry wears or what he wore at his wedding as long as he can do the job. And apparently, he can. He's been in the Biden Administration for several years now

Before joining the campaign, Tyler was Director of Public Affairs at the political consulting firm SKDK, where he crafted and executed strategic communications plans for dozens of political, advocacy, corporate, and legal clients. He also previously worked at Media Matters for America as a campaigns associate and researcher. Tyler is a Los Angeles native and graduated from UCLA with a political science degree. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his partner and two exuberant cats.

But let's get back to Raichik. Who is she to criticize anyone? Where is her mate? Where is her wedding? In light of all of her vile escapades, there is word which perfectly suits her.


Don't get me wrong.  I am not talking about a body odor. I've never been anywhere near her (thank you Jesus), to tell tales about her hygiene. What I am talking about is a corruption of the soul. Raichik has willfully spread lies claiming that LGBTQ people and our supporters are 'sexually grooming' children. This woman has made schools and hospitals the victims of bomb threats. She has caused educators to be fired. People have been inundated with threats and hate mail by her zombie followers. Meanwhile, she laughs at all of the chaos like a hyena in The Lion King, which by the way is a terrible thing for me to say.

I shouldn't insult those hyenas.

Basically, this is what Chaya Raichik is.  She is so hateful that she exudes an evil stench way beyond that of physical senses. Behind all of the false concerns about children and the claims of protecting children is a sad person with a heart so putrid that it gives off odorous vibes. She's not a happy person. No true human being can get so much pleasure from causing so much misery. No one with a soul would generate so much pain and hate in people and then feed off it like giant spider in a J.R.R. Tolken novel. This is not a serious person. Her entire persona is an immature child spreading lies and serving clapbacks for bigoted nobodies who can't deal so instead they poke fun.

All of us have known people like Raichik, mostly in elementary and high schools. They are the bullies whose sole goal is to spot someone they can turn everyone against.   As long as they direct negative attention to other people, others won't notice how truly pathetically lacking they are as human beings. That way they gain popularity because they are incapable of having general likability. And that's what Raichik also is - a juvenile bully from the echoes of grade school who puts on a persona because her real personality lacks basic human decency. She's scared that no one would like her for who she truly is and she's probably right about that.

There are only two roads for Raichik's future. Either she will see the light and try to make up for all of the trouble she caused. Or get so caught up in her ego that she will do something which will cause her entire world to self-destruct. 

Whatever the case may be, I don't care what happens to Chaya Raichik. 

I don't associate with stank people.

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