Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Religious right talking head wants 'civil disobedience' over marriage equality

As many times as some of my African-Americans brothers and sisters get angry to hear the gay rights movement being compared to the civil rights movement, I wish some of them would show a little of that fire when someone like the Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber besmirches the name of the civil rights movement.

Dear Matt, NO ONE on your side of homophobes can be compared to Martin Luther King, Jr. Please get over yourself.

'Another fake story of anti-Christian persecution revealed to be wrong' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

No, This Air Force Sergeant Was Not Fired For Opposing Marriage Equality - One of the most dangerous attacks on lgbt equality are stories like this - anecdotal claims which are pushed and driven hard by the right-wing media and helped by lgbts eager to demonstrate how objective they are BEFORE the truth comes out. Usually, the truth is totally different from the claims driven by religious right groups. When stories like this come out, please wait to hear the entire incident before commenting. 

Maggie Gallagher issues actual response to Gov. Christie (which is just like the one she says was issued in error) - So Maggie Gallagher issues a statement regarding Gov. Christie signing a ban on "ex-gay" therapy for minors . . . and it's just like the first statement she claimed she didn't make. It's as if she didn't realize that we would be waiting regardless of how long it did take her to make a statement.

 Maggie Gallagher Confirms Her Support For Junk "Ex-Gay" Therapy - More on Maggie Gallagher's doublespeak. I swear this woman doesn't seem to realize that we can read her like an old trashy novel.  

Liberty Counsel Will Sue Over New Jersey ‘Ex-Gay’ Ban - Of course those crazy folks at the Liberty Counsel will sue.

 Sampson McCormick Becomes First Openly Gay Black Comedian To Headline Washington D.C.'s Howard Theatre - I told y'all last week to keep your eye on Sampson. He has the potential to be a huge star.

What the heck are cannibalism and sodomy merit badges?

Some people's hatred of gays absolutely amazes me. Here are Christian Right talk show hosts Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner still whining over the fact the decision to allow openly gay Boy Scout members:

Swanson: Manhood is a problem and the Boy Scouts are going to lead the decline since the final decision came down that the Boy Scouts as a national organization are going to invite homosexuals into the troops.

Buehner: Which is just a matter [of time] until they invite homosexuals, active homosexuals, to be leaders of the troops and pretty soon you’re going to have the sodomy merit badge. Christians are fleeing like rats.

Swanson: And after that I guess it’s incest; after that I guess it’s the cannibal merit badge, where I guess you cut up human flesh, fry it—

 Buehner: Cook it in a Dutch oven out in the wilderness.

 Swanson: So that’s what the Boy Scouts are doing, they are trying to add abomination on abomination, effectively going into God’s word, trying to find the thing that God really, really, really hates the most. The sins listed in the Bible, going through the lists of sins in the Bible, finding the very worst ones and creating merit badges for them is where the Boy Scouts are headed.