Thursday, August 24, 2017

Family Research Council doesn't want an actual debate about its hate group status

Don't let any member or supporter of hate group the Family Research Council, nor its leader Tony Perkins, fool you.

For all of their whining about being "forcibly silenced," none of them want an actual debate on why the Southern Poverty Law Center declared the organization to be a hate group. There is a reason why Perkins and company generally retreats to the friendly territory of the Fox News network and its propaganda machine (on this youtube channel from the Family Research Council itself, you can see that the majority of interviews are on Fox News).

If there is a true debate on a genuine news program, FRC members - particularly Perkins - are  called out their deceptions about the LGBTQ community. Or better yet, embarrassed by the ignorance of the stances they take.

It's one thing to have a "talk" on a news program where you won't be challenged. It's quite another to have to defend your point of view and information you cite.

Like so in the following videos:

This debate was about gays in the military, but you can see that FRC's Peter Sprigg makes a huge faux pas which discredits his group's argument about not wanting persecute LGBTQs:

And not necessarily a debate but a statement which justifiably continues to haunt FRC:

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