Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NOM offering anti-gay swag for the tacky buyer

How's this for a gag gift in that it's guaranteed to make you gag:

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper of Goodasyou for the heads up about the NOM swag. Jeremy said he would rather go naked than wear NOM.

I won't go so far as to say that. After all, no one should be punished by having their eyeballs melted out of their heads because of NOM.

'Shirley Dobson using National Day of Prayer to attack marriage equality' & other Tuesday midday new briefs

Shirley Dobson promotes National Day of Prayer by framing marriage equality as 'evil' - I am all for a National Day of Prayer. Talking to God is a main reason why I was able to accept myself as a gay man. However, someone needs to get Shirley Dobson's hooks off of this event. Is there one event people like her won't use to attack lgbts? And another thing, I am so damn tired of this "God is going to punish America if we don't turn back to Him" crap I am constantly hearing from these people. I'm serious. I've heard this stuff from these folks so much that I don't know what to do. To paraphrase the late Rod Serling, folks like Shirley Dobson has had America on death's door so long that the country has worn out the welcome mat. 

Kenya Might As Well Be Uganda For Many LGBT Refugees - Now see, this is what we need to be praying about. Somehow I think God cares more about how we treat each other instead of marriage equality.  

Texas School Removes Transgender Teacher From Classroom After Parents Complain - I guess we didn't win this one.  

Don't let the religious right whitewash their history of anti-gay oppression - From time to time, I will feature something I had already posted because I think it's important that people read it. This one of those times.  

National Organization for Marriage Now Struggling to Stay Relevant (VIDEO)I'm not celebrating until Brian Brown says "give."

BarbWire's New Columnist Wants Gays Jailed For Twelve Years - Cause if we aren't, God is going to destroy America.