Friday, May 12, 2017

Family Research Council exploits Mother's Day to denigrate same-sex families

One would think that at least Mother's Day would be safe from being exploited against the lgbtq community. No such luck as long as anti-lgbtq group the Family Research Council is around.

 Check out this blurb from its president, Tony Perkins:

Just the sound of the word "mother" evokes a feeling of tenderness and reassurance in the minds of most. Even Jesus, when He was communicating His compassion for the people of Jerusalem used the metaphor of a hen gathering her chicks under her wing to protect and shelter them. (He saved the rooster for another occasion.) In the age of political correctness and gender confusion, suggesting that women and men have distinct, non-interchangeable roles is probably enough to get your picture posted in the nearest post office for crimes against the sensitive and easily offended! But while truth can be contradicted and denied, it cannot be changed.  
 To be emotionally and physically healthy, children need a mom and a dad. Not just parents that are present, but a mom and dad who are involved in their lives. On Sunday, we will celebrate motherhood. We will celebrate the women whose unconditional devotion to their children motivates them on a recurring basis to choose unparalleled self-sacrifice and causes them to remain devoted even in times of great suffering. Women like Christina Simoes, who may never walk again because of her devotion to her young son. When their apartment was engulfed in flames, the 23-year-old did the only thing that came naturally: she saved her son. Without thought to her own safety, she cradled him to her chest and jumped out the window. "I didn't think about it. All I was thinking about was getting him out of there. He mattered way more than I did," she said. Suffering from severe back injuries, she was interviewed a few years ago in the hospital. Knowing her little boy was safe was the greatest Mother's Day present she could imagine. Like so many mothers, she shrugged off her bravery. "I don't think that I'm any special hero at all. I'm just Cameron's mom," Christina said. It's that same kind of selfless sacrifice that defines moms around the globe. 
 I'm grateful for the love and compassion of a mother -- sometimes expressed in years past with a whack upside the head, but most often with a hug, a kiss and reassurance that things were going to be okay. I've had the privilege of not only have a great mother, but for the last 31 years being married to a woman who is a great mother to my children. To my mother and to my wife -- thank you and Happy Mother's Day.

Come on Tony. It would have been a nice piece if you didn't feel the need to add all of that ugly shade against same-sex families. Not only is it inaccurate (A large number of studies show that children thrive very well in same-sex households), and totally unnecessary, but it was also tacky.  Just plain tacky.

No holiday should ever be used to denigrate a group of people or exploited in an attempt to make them look and feel inferior. Particularly not  Mother's Day. Some children are being raised in a heterosexual mother/father household. Some are being raised by a single mother or a single father, grandparents, or any adult who has taken the responsibility. And a good many of these homes are led by members of the lgbtq community.

Really though, none of it should make a difference as long as the children in the household are given love, support, and are having their physical needs met. Parenthood is not a competition, nor should it be an excuse to create a caste system. One home environment should never be used to look down upon another.

The very fact that Perkins attempts to do this tells us that he obviously did not heed the lessons of love and compassion his mother attempted to instill in him.

Yeah. I said it.