Thursday, May 28, 2020

Trump supporter Scott Baio calls out Wanda Sykes over defense of Biden. Discovers he can't handle the smoke

Wanda Sykes.
Far be it from me to cover a celebrity feud on this blog, but this one is choice. It involves a certain Trump supporter who tried to call out an incredibly talented black queen. And got more smoke than he could handle.

Last week, Joe Biden made an absolutely stupid comment on a radio show about black people voting for either him or Donald Trump. The blowback was vicious and understandable. He apologized for what seemed like a stupid attempt to make a joke. However, Trump supporters, desperate for any advantage to combat the Orange Menace's crashing poll numbers, got on Twitter decrying Biden. The vast majority recognized the cries of outrage as pathetic and hypocritical. However, one Trump supporter thought he would go the extra mile.

Scott Baio, famous for portray Chachi in 'Happy Days' a long time ago, decided to go after openly gay comedian Wanda Sykes after she defended Biden:

Baio was referring to the incident in 2018 which saw comedian Roseanne getting fired from her own show after making racist comments about former White House aide Valerie Jarrett. Sykes apparently didn't see Baio's comment until days later. But when she did,  one can easily say she got the final word:

I don't think that Baio commented back. I'd say he was too busy picking his face up off the floor and attempting to glue together the cracked pieces.

'Tributes pour in honoring Larry Kramer and his legacy' & other Thurs midday news briefs

Larry Kramer

Whether or not you liked him or disliked him, you simply have to give Larry Kramer his props. LGBTQ people - and the world in general - are in a much better place because of him.

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In other news:

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