Thursday, February 09, 2023

Anti-trans 'influencer' Matt Walsh exposed and humiliated during Tenn legislative hearing

Matt Walsh is an anti-trans, homophobic "influencer" at the forefront of the statewide attacks on trans Americans.  He has done things like creating an anti-trans propaganda documentary film, authoring an anti-trans children's book, and amplifying lies about gender-affirming care for trans kids. These lies have led to bomb threats against Boston Children's Hospital, which Walsh initially claimed was a hoax. In September of last year,  a Boston woman by the name of Catherine Leavy, was arrested for making one of those threats.

Walsh claims that his actions are all about saving children from "mutilation." In reality, he has created a successful business model built upon fear and scientific distortions hiding behind a flimsy veneer of "common sense."

People like Walsh are always troublesome but eventually amusing to watch. You get angry watching the havoc they create and the lives they disrupt. Sooner or later, though, they always get some sort of comeuppance because their egos blind them to their limitations. For Walsh, this took place on Thursday during a legislative hearing on an anti-trans bill in Tennessee.

This video was highly embarrassing for Walsh's brand and he knows it. Subsequently, he has been posting tweets of other parts of the hearing in an attempt to claim that he actually got the best of the Democrats. One tweet features a video of Walsh supposedly creating awkward silence from the panel by asking an inane question. In reality, the silence was because Walsh broke the protocol by interjecting that nonsense when they were asking him questions. Perhaps he was channeling  Mellissa Carone, the woman who became a comical meme sensation after the 2020 election hearing in Michigan.

Like I said before, people like Matt Walsh are always amusing to watch as they climb a peak of relevancy to the point in which their egos cause the bottom to drop from under them. Unfortunately, while Matt's present humiliation underscores his dishonesty, people are still being led to believe the worst about trans Americans and the healthcare they need to survive. They are still seen by people like Walsh as a commodity for wealth and influence.   Trans Americans, particularly our trans kids, continue to be bombarded by messages that people hate them and want them dead simply for attempting to be their authentic selves. 

Taking all of that into account, the situation becomes less amusing and instead, increasingly infuriating.

Hat tip to The Tennessee Holler

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