Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Congressman to threaten DADT repeal after the fact?

Some members of the religious right just can't deal with the fact that Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been repealed.

One such person is Cliff Kincaid, president of America's Survival and editor of Accuracy in Media. According to an interview today with the phony news service, One News Now,  he said:

"The secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs, and the president have to certify to Congress that the repeal will not interfere with or hurt military readiness," he notes. "And that's going to be very, very hard for them to do."

Kincaid has a long history of distorting the lives of lgbts. Last year his group,  America's Survival, put out a video claiming that gays serving openly in the military will lead to an increase in diseases like AIDS. The video was so offensive that it was removed from youtube.

And even earlier than that, his other group,  AIM,  was forced to retract a story on its web page which inaccurately accused Obama appointee Kevin Jennings of being a pedophile.

And Kincaid is probably one of the only few people in this country who openly defends Uganda's anti-gay bill including the part about the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality."

In today's interview with One News Now, Kincaid also made the following claim:

Jack McKeon (R-California), the new chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, will soon hold hearings that will make it difficult for Obama and the Pentagon to certify that allowing homosexuals to flaunt their lifestyle in the military will bring no harm to cohesion within the armed forces.

So is Kincaid saying that even after the repeal has passed, some members of Congress are going to make an attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings?


From what I understand, the story got McKeon's name wrong. His name is Buck McKeon, not Jack. I have been looking to see if I could find any statements by McKeon that vouches for what Kincaid claimed and so far I couldn't find any.

But I will definitely keep you posted if I do.

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Rabid homophobe claiming that he will tone down rhetoric and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Video: The courage to stand against Nazis, Gulags, and -- gay equality?! - What did Ronald Reagan say - there they go again!

Shift in mission for religious firebrand - Speaking of my morning post, homophobe Scott Lively (author of The Pink Swastika) is claiming that he will now tone down his rhetoric and focus on helping the downtrodden, i.e. homeless people, drug addicts, and alcoholics. I will believe it when I see it. But if you are serious, Lively, might I suggest you discover how many of those folks are lgbts who became homeless, drug addicts, and alcoholics because of your rhetoric.

Right Wing Boycott Movement Links CPAC to the Muslim Brotherhood - Linking homophobia to Islamophobia? You just know that was a next step.

NC:Mecklenburg equality resolution passes unanimously; debate, condemnation of Bill James' remarks - Bill James, the infamous homophobe in North Carolina finally gets smacked down, at least partly. Hey, I am not complaining.

And finally, I received a comment on this morning's post regarding The Pink Swastika from someone in Germany. I was so pleased with it that I wanted to share it not only on that post, but this one as well:

I live in germany, and the only ones who say that Hitler was gay are the same type of idiots with conspiracy theories as the author of said book. He was married to Eva Braun (admittedly for a short time).

While there where probably some gays in the NSDAP (like there are in the catholic church or the republican party, you get my point I hope). Ernst Röhm, one of Hiler's close f, that is not what made theme "extreme". Ernst Röhm, one of Hitler's friends, was in fact gay. Hilter denied these rumors for as long as Röhm was useful to him, and then had him murdered around 7.1.1934. However, the thesis that homosexuality was somehow disproportionately dominant amongst the ranks of the Nazi Party is utter bogus. That's my polite opinion

My personal opinion, with all due respect, is that anyone who argues that the Nazis were gay should take Lively's book and shove it up their ass. I don't care much if americans want to falsify their own history, it is amusing me even, but stay the hell away from europe. If your politicans continue with this garbage it's only a matter of time until some nutcase over here starts spreading that lunacy in hope of making money (in fact, I think that already happened, that book however was virtually rend asunder by historians in berlin).

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World Net Daily trying to exploit criticism of book linking gays to the Nazi party

Last week, it was discovered that the right-wing site World Net Daily is selling a discredited book which accuses the gay community of being behind the Nazi Party in Germany during World War II.

This week not only is World Net Daily continuing to sell the book, The Pink Swastika, but it is also trying to capitalize on the recent controversy by claiming that the gay community is trying to silence the book's "findings." The site calls The Pink Swastika:

 a book that is disturbing, compelling and persuasive on its major point – that homosexuals dominated the German Nazi Party from its birth through its catastrophic demise.

It's a book that is vilified by America's "gay" activist establishment.

The Pink Swastika hasn't just been vilified by the the so-called "homosexual establishment." It's been vilified by everyone with a working brain and seen for what it is - the latest attempt by a homophobe (i.e. Scott Lively) who has carried his vendetta against the lgbt community to the corners of the globe.

The biggest criticism of  The Pink Swastika is that Lively and co-writer Ken Abrams committed several distortions in formulating their theories. According to the site Box Turtle Bulletin:

Dr. Warren Throckmorton, an associate professor at the Christian-based Grove City College, has continued to add to his online series debunking The Pink Swastika. His latest installment is probably the most devastating, where Throckmorton catches Lively lying about his source information virtually red-handed. Throckmorton was joined in this endeavor by associate professor of history, Dr. Jon David Wyneken, whose Ph.D. is in modern German history with a focus on the period between 1933 and 1955. Together, they have undertaken a methodical exposé of Lively’s shoddy scholarship.

Throckmorton has written extensively regarding the errors behind The Pink Swastika, all in devastating detail.