Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Religious right, conservative evangelicals conspicuously quiet during Trump alt-right ado

One good thing about the coming Trump presidency is watching all of these so-called pious individuals and phony upholders of traditional values drop their masks .

After all of those portents of doom that they predicted would happen should Trump lose the election, all of the talk of the end of America, the cursing from God, the rest of the froth which generally drips from their mouths when they want to scare their followers, organizations like the Family Research Council, the American Family Association and people like Frank Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr are noticeably absent, preoccupied, or publicly drooling over what they can get out of a Trump Administration.

Meanwhile, white supremacists (some who call themselves the generic "alt-white" much like the Klan morphed into Conservative Citizen Councils during the Civil Rights Movement) are openly celebrating Trump's victory with recorded assemblies featuring them resurrecting the infamous Nazi salute. Also, the actual Klan (you really didn't think they would miss any of the fun) are planning celebrations to commemorate the fact that a white man actually made it to the White House after eight years.

And let's not forget the acts of violence and aggression across the nation against people of color, Muslims, and lgbts fueled by those mistaking a presidential election for a Superbowl victory

Folks have been justified in calling for Trump to denounce these violent and disturbing actions But what about the self-proclaimed defenders of culture and values. Surely the American Family Association can devote a little time away from its annual project of scolding companies for not saying "Merry Christmas." I know Franklin Graham can take to Facebook to denounce the white supremacist alt-right. Goodness knows he has done it enough times to the transgender community. It's not as if he doesn't know how. Surely Jerry Falwell, Jr can take time away from bragging about his potential role in Trump's Administration. And I know that if the Family Research Council can't address how Trump's victory has aided and abetted the rise of white supremacist, at the very least the organization shouldn't pretend that there isn't a problem.

But who am I kidding? I mean really These folks don't care All they care about is abortion, lgbts,  and other issues which shocks their followers and gets the cameras and money rolling.

This is a new day. The Trump era is upon us and these so-called religious people no longer have to pretend to be a calm voice of reassurance in the sea of turmoil.  At least for four years.

All they have to do, all they are going to do, is jostle each other and feed as much as they can from the trough named the Trump Administration. Of course they will make sure that the occasional guttural noises they make sound like praises to God and Jesus.

One mustn't totally lose the masks.