Tuesday, September 03, 2013

'God will get us for allowing gay marriage' and other Tuesday afternoon news briefs

Mefferd: If SCOTUS Legalizes Gay Marriage, Prepare For Divine Punishment - So if marriage equality is legalized, God is going to "get" us. Never mind stealing land from Native Americans, subjecting women to second-class status, and enslaving the bodies and minds of African-Americans for over 200 years. It's allowing gay folks to get married which will cause God to get really angry. 

 Fischer: Gay Activists Are Modern Day Nazi Stormtroopers - I know for a fact that this isn't true. I have seen Nazi uniforms and no gay man ALIVE would be caught in that awful battleship grey. 

Linda Harvey, WND call me 'vicious' - Well this sucks! Why can't Linda Harvey ever call ME mean? I'm the gay Alexis Carrington Colby.

 Fox's Starnes: Businesses Should Be Allowed To Discriminate Against Gay Customers - "Wrong Way" Todd Starnes strikes again. 

 'Pier Kids:The Life,' Elegance Bratton Film, Evidences The Struggles Of LGBT Homeless Youth - All jokes aside, this is a problem which needs more attention.

SC gay couple sues to overturn ban on same-sex marriage

Oh this is going to be interesting. If gay couples can win the right to marry in my crazy state of SC, then you KNOW the world has turned sharp:

A legally married gay couple living in South Carolina is suing to have the state's ban on gay marriage overturned.

Highway Patrol Trooper Katherine Bradacs and Tracie Goodwin filed the lawsuit Thursday in federal court against Gov. Nikki Haley and state Attorney General Alan Wilson.

The lawsuit said a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision shows that states can't outlaw same sex marriages because they do not approve of them morally. Bradacs and Goodwin were married in Washington, D.C., in April 2012, according to court papers.
"They are treated as legal strangers in their home state of South Carolina," the couple's lawyer wrote in court papers.

A spokesman for Haley said the governor's office did not see the lawsuit until Monday and were reviewing it.

"Gov. Haley, like the majority of South Carolinians, supports traditional marriage as defined between one man and one woman, and in accordance with state law, will continue to uphold those values," her spokesman Doug Mayer said.

South Carolina passed a law banning same-sex marriage in 1996, with voters passing a similar constitutional amendment in 2006 with 78 percent of the vote.

The lawsuit points out Bradacs works in public safety and Goodwin is 80 percent disabled from the U.S. Air Force and gets veteran's benefits. The suit said gay people who are first responders are denied the peace of mind of knowing if they die serving the public, their spouses will get the same financial support given to survivors with heterosexual spouses in South Carolina.

Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/2013/09/02/2956427/gay-couple-sues-over-sc-same-sex.html#storylink=cpy