Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Anti-LGBTQ author easily manipulates his followers into buying his trashy book

Matt Walsh is a walking joke.

Matt Walsh is an incredibly annoying far-right podcaster and provocateur who engages in immature stunts (such as attempting to trick trans people into taking part in an anti-trans documentary) as well as spewing some of the most awful racist, bigoted, and anti-LGBTQ junk to supposedly 'own' liberals.  Not surprisingly, that makes him popular amongst the male and female incel sect.

One of his stunts is authoring a nasty children's book which compares being trans to being a walrus. I will spare you its name, but you can read all about it here

The point is that today, Walsh announced something interesting regarding his book.

That's right. Walsh pulled the old conservative canard of playing the victim of censorship. Who knows the actual truth, which I'm pretty sure is a bit far from what Walsh claims. The pertinent thing is the responses of his followers on the thread. They practically fell over themselves to brag about how they bought his book in an effort to 'own' Amazon.

Now granted, some of these folks are probably bots and trolls simply amplifying Walsh. But others did buy his book, even providing proof of their purchases:

This is not to minimize what Walsh is doing to harm the trans community with his ridiculous book. It's simply to make the point how sad it is that some folks are more than eager to exploit ignorance about important issues to make money.  Walsh is a clown with a huge following. He is an addled minded, one note fraud with enough intelligence to tap into the false sense of superiority or genuine feelings inferiority of his followers. He's a human leech who attaches himself to them and sucks out what he needs for clout monetary sustenance.

In the long run, Walsh is a walking joke.   He's a reminder of how the conservative movement has fallen from intelligent adults to children on an elementary school playground who satisfy themselves with transient games of tag and keep-away. When it is all said and done, his book won't have any effect on the argument of trans people. At least not as much as he and his supporters wish. The LGBTQ community has had to deal with entities more powerful than him and we have overcome them. We will overcome Walsh in the same manner.

But it's amazing to me that his followers allowed themselves to be manipulated. Walsh's pathetic qualities are only rivaled by their equally sad mindset. It's both amusing and tragic that these folks think they are a part of a movement when the only thing they're moving is more money to Amazon's pocket. 

If giving people more money is how you punish them, then sign me up to be punished.

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