Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's throw a little bit of truth in Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit

The Family Research Council has begun its Values Voter Summit a few hours ago and already some of the media is throwing out sanitized reports of the proceedings by claiming that attendees are merely wanting to stand up for "religious liberty" and "Christian values."

Of course that's nonsense and I am undertaking a plan to break through the junk. There is a hashtag on twitter for this summit - .

I think lgbts should not only take it over, but use it to push the actual picture of the anti-gay right by referring to things they don't want the media to talk about. I have already sent out six examples. Crude, but I think very effective. I encourage those who can or desire to to feel free and follow my lead by copying these or creating your own. I used GLAAD's wonderful Commentator Accountability Project for the following:

Or you can feel free to send them tweets which link copies of my booklet- How They See Us: Exposing the Religious Right War on Gay America:
And this is my personal favorite:

Again, this is just a suggestion. As you can tell, I myself will be highly busy this weekend with these tweets. I hope others can join me with either these or tweets of their own.

How much verbal gay-bashing will we hear at the Values Voter Summit

This weekend will be the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit. America will hear some of the most outrageous and ridiculously unsound rhetoric from folks who consider themselves the creme de la creme of morality and conservatism in American politics.

And all of it will be anti-gay.

If the past Values Voter Summits are any indication regarding, expect to hear some of the following nauseating inducing trash: