Thursday, March 01, 2018

OMG! If gays get married, they are going to have butt secs!!

Now that marriage equality is legal (and let's hope it stays that way), we should take a look back at the struggle to attain the right. Most specifically, let's look at how some folks chose to voice opposition to marriage equality.

In 2013, the Minnesota legislature was considering the approval of marriage equality. The state House Civil Law Committee was taking testimony from witnesses. In walked a self-described concerned father and husband Mike Frey to speak against the proposal. His testimony - not about marriage equality, but anal sex - was . .  well you just have to watch it. And then watch how the Huff Post Live just took it apart:

'Anti-LGBTQ group rages against clinic treating transgender children' & other Thur midday news briefs

Group: Cincinnati Children's Hospital transgender clinic should 'stop experimenting on our children' - Don't be fooled by this bad headline. It's a bunch of junk about a recent case I've spotlighted on this blog. A Ohio judge recently gave custody of a 17-year-old transgender boy to his grandparents so that he could continue his hormone therapy. His parents wanted to retain custody even though doing so would put the child in danger. The religious right have tried to distort the story by claiming that gays are taking children away from their parents. However, since they can't obscure the fact that the child's grandparents asked for custody in support of the child's hormone therapy, they are now going after the clinic treating the child. Even though everything the clinic is doing is backed by science and by-the-book, the local anti-LGBTQ group and enterprising political office seekers are exploiting the situation to its hilt.

Judge paves way for transgender teen to get hormone therapy at Cincinnati Children's Hospital - The story fueling the nonsensical attack on those who help our trans kids.

Over 50% Of LGBTQ Youths Struggle With Eating Disorders, Survey Finds - More work to be done . . .

  WA House of Representatives Passes Bill to Protect LGBTQ Youth from Dangerous “Conversion Therapy” - And this is one step in the right direction.

  Report: Media Largely Ignored Unprecedented Anti-LGBTQ Violence of 2017 - Ugh! This is NOT good!