Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'NOM ally: Gay parenting is child abuse' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

NOM hero Robert Oscar López: Gay parenting is abuse - It takes a special type of vicious coward to write the following: . . .

I stand by my point of view, made in recent American Thinker and Public Discourse articles, that same-sex parenting is inherently abusive of children. I know that hurts a lot of gay and lesbian people's feelings, but there's really no nice way to state this. . . . Same-sex parenting flagrantly violates children's rights, deprives them of inalienable rights, and risks inflicting grievous emotional distress on them, with no justification whatsoever, other than the whims of adults. It is abuse. It is abuse. Face it.

Be advised, NOM. You had better put your ally in check. Otherwise we will attach him to you like a surgeon attaches an arm. The link provided includes the link to Lopez's original column. If you feel inclined, send him a response. Be respectful but you would be amazed what you can say while being respectful.

In other news:

 Marriage Equality Is Officially Law In The United Kingdom - Not bad. Not bad at all.

 Ken Cuccinelli Launches Website Defending Anti-Sodomy Law - What in the . . .

 LGBT Homeless Youth Documented In 'Queers in Exile' At The Leslie Lohman Museum (PHOTOS) - A sad side effect of NOM, FRC, and the rest of that bunch hogging up the camera time. Important issues like this get lost in the shuffle.

Take out 'gay.' Put in 'black' or 'Jewish'

I've got a new thought. Every time a member of the opposition plays the "I'm being picked on and called a bigot simply because I believe in Christian values" card, they should be made aware of this video featuring - your friend and mine - Matt Barber and Steve Crampton. I mean you want to talk about bigotry, ignorance, and homophobia defined in less than three minutes, take a gander. The hate here is so universal that you could substitute the word "African-American" or "Jewish" for "homosexual" without batting an eye: