Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rubio promises to 'uphold the Constitution' (except for when he tries to take rights away from gay families)

After viewing THIS commercial, there is no other way to put it: Sen. Marco Rubio is an opportunistic, pandering, despicable phony. He attempts to come across as so religious as if he wants you to imagine heavenly choirs singing and a halo appearing above his head. Then he claims to "uphold the Constitution" while implying that President Obama has not done so.

Isn't that lovely?

Apparently, in Rubio's world, "upholding the Constitution" means scheming to take away hard earned constitutional  rights from same-sex couples and their families while complaining about being seen as a "bigot" for doing it.

The audacity alone is simply nauseating.

'Who was the anti-gay VA legislator caught on cruising on gay site?' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Who Is He? Antigay Republican Lawmaker Caught Cruising Grindr - An anti-gay state lawmaker in Virginia was caught "chasing" on a gay online cruising site. We don't know who he is because the news site which broke the story won't reveal his name. What would you do? It's a difficult call but it is a news story so no malice intended but I would put the chyle on blast. 

The Latest Anti-Gay Oklahoma Bills Are Almost Too Crazy to Believe - Just how insane are those 26 anti-lgbt bills filed in Oklahoma? I hope you are holding on to something. 

 An open letter to the GLAAD Media Awards - It goes without saying that the elimination of the 'Outstanding Blog' category was a blow to us bloggers. It shouldn't have happened. 

 Bigot Lawmaker Says He Wants Option to Send His Kid to Gay Conversion Therapy as Hawaii Considers Ban: WATCH - How do you feel about lobotomies? They are equally harmful and fraudulent.  

Indiana And South Dakota Kick Off Backlash Against LGBT Rights - Looks like both Indiana AND South Dakota do in fact need to be economically spanked.

Homophobia always comes down to 'gay sex' and children

"Porno" Pete Labarbera and Dave Daubenmire are two of the slimiest, most repulsive anti-lgbt activists in existence. But they also share a degree of candidness which should give our community perspective when it comes to reasons behind homophobia.

No matter how anti-gay groups like the Family Research Council and personalities like Tony Perkins and Franklin Graham attempt to disguise it, no matter how folks like Kim Davis give false appeals to their supposed "deeply held Christian faith," in the end, homophobic bigotry comes down to what LaBarbera and Daubenmire obsess about - gay sex and kids. The quality of our lives and families seem to always be reduced to sweaty precautionary fantasies. The difference between folks like Daubenmire and LaBarbera and "mainstream" anti-gay groups and personalities is how the latter can play the game of inference: