Monday, December 21, 2015

A simple question someone should ask Marco Rubio about his bigotry

After watching this clip of presidential candidate Marco Rubio whine about being called a bigot because he opposes marriage equality and would like to reverse the Supreme Court ruling which legalized marriage equality, please answer my simple question. I think my question puts a much needed outlook on the situation:

Okay here is the simple question - Marco Rubio's desired actions would disenfranchise scores of same-sex families, particularly those with children by taking away the rights they earned. So why does it seem that folks are more worried about whether or not Rubio (and folks of his ilk) are called bigots more than the families whom his actions would hurt?

I suggest people ask that question often and aggressively. I don't give a #@! whether or not Rubio worries about being called a bigot. I do care that he is deliberately telling Americans that they are second-class citizens when it comes to families and relationships in spite of the fact that they did everything right to protect their families and relationships.
Sounds like a bigot to me.


Scott Rose said...

I called Rubio's D.C. office today to complain about his political gay bashing.

I explained that the "every child deserves a mother and a father" argument pales in front of the reality that there are over 92 million homeless children in the world, and that gay and lesbian parents have successfully adopted and raised such children in loving homes.

Then I said that April and Jayne DeBoer-Rowse have a number of very young, special needs children. I said that if Rubio stripped that family of rights, the little children would be painfully humiliated in front of all their peers.

What would the Senator have to tell me about THAT? I asked.

"You have a point," the Rubio staffer said.

BlackTsunami said...

Good for you, Scott! That's what I'm talking about. I admire your moxie! Anyone reading Scott's oomment should do the same. Email, tweet, call and tell it like it is. Don't be rude or nasty. Just let Rubio and his people know just who Rubio would be hurting.

James Swift aka Fifi Frost said...

I am sick of the thought being gay changes the fact we are Americans. Just as much as they are. We deserve the same rights they have. Our rights are nit theirs to give out Luke gifts. We need to go back to the old ACT UP days and start breaking shit again. I am not nor will I allow them to try and make me second class.

BlackTsunami said...

Breaking up things isn't necessary. The so-called culture war is now about semantics and distortions. If we aggressively combat their semantic distortions and not be afraid to loudly call "bullshit" when they try to put an argument over on us, they are left with nothing.

Erica Cook said...

I simply posted on FB that if he didn't want to be called a bigot then he shouldn't do bigoted things.

Anonymous said...

He is a bigot.