Monday, December 06, 2021

Hilariously fake Christmas card accidentally reveals Donald Trump's true personality

Time for something frivolous and funny. Earlier today, the Christmas card above was sent out on Twitter supposedly from former president Donald Trump. 

After much, much derision and vulgar comments (I even contributed a "Winter White House, my black ass!!"), it was determined that the card was a fake


Oh well. A fake Christmas card for a fake president.  Even better - it matches his personality.  Donald Trump has always been a surly dick

'Strip searches, trauma, isolation: Trans men describe life behind bars' & other Mon midday news briefs

Strip searches, trauma, isolation: Trans men describe life behind bars - No matter what, everyone deserves to be treated like the human beings they are.

Multiple NFL players are supporting LGBTQ-friendly causes on the field this weekend​ - Good for them! Visibility for our kids is always a positive thing.

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says Fauci ‘Overhyped’ COVID-19 Like He Did AIDS - Sen. Johnson, a couple of folks would like to have a word with you . . . 

Maggie Gallagher lost the fight against marriage equality, but is now back with another anti-LGBTQ group - Repost from last night because the return of that awful Maggie Gallagher needs to be big news. 

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson's LGBTQ comments could cost the GOP, some Republicans say - That would be lovely because this man as governor scares the heck out of me. Heck, him as dogcatcher scares me.