Tuesday, September 24, 2013

'Fox News continues to spread fake anti-Christian persecution story' and other Tuesday afternoon news briefs

Fox News Reports On The Fake Military Controversy It Helped Invent - You have to give Fox News points for consistency rather than truth. 

US Senate unanimously confirms first openly gay judge to a federal appeals court - Good news!

Marco Rubio Blocks Gay Black Judge's Nomination to Federal Judiciary - And bad news. And YES, Rubio is playing politics here. 

 Engineering Magazine Publishes Anti-Gay Letter To Discuss ‘The Value Of Diversity’ - And this is when I gripe - yet again - about the importance of calling out anti-gay propaganda beforehand rather than raising hell after it appears and demanding that it doesn't appear at all. You can't kill it that way.

 Bryan Fischer Lashes Out At Transgender Homecoming Queen - Go ahead, Bryan. Pick on an innocent teenage girl. After all, that's "what Jesus would do."

Op-ed: Why I'm Not Reading the 'Trutherism' About Matt Shepard - I got the best reason of all. The book is a piece of shit.

You think the religious right are jealous of the lgbt community?

Editor's note - Due to prior commitments regarding SC Pride on Saturday, there will be no midday post today. So enjoy this one until my next post this evening.

You know, when it all comes down to it, the following is the only thing our opponents can really push against us in order to deny us equality. All of that junk about "religious liberty" and "traditional morality" is simply a dodge. This is what they think of when it comes to their opposition of the lgbt community. And if you ask me, they gripe on it so much that they come across as jealous: