Thursday, March 28, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ activist claims Jussie Smollett was freed to protect 'three pillars of liberalism'

According to anti-LGBTQ activist Peter LaBarbera (first picture), Jussie Smollett (second picture) was able to walk away from charges of allegedly staging a hate crime to protect the 'three pillars of liberalism.'

Perennial anti-LGBTQ activist and all-around laughing stock 'Porno' Pete LaBarbera claims to know why actor Jussie Smollett was able to walk away free from charges that he allegedly staged a hate crime.

According to LaBarbera, Smollett being gay had a lot to do with it:

One pro-family activist who works to expose the truth about homosexuality says he is not happy with the decision of prosecutors to drop all charges against openly gay Smollett. 
. . . Americans for Truth about Homosexuality Founder and President Peter LaBarbera argues that liberalism has encouraged people like Smollett to act like victims in fake hate crimes. 
"Liberals have deified homosexuality,” the pro-family leader asserted. “Liberals have decided that homosexuality –[which is] a sexual perversion [and] immoral behavior – a sin in the eyes of God -- is almost sacred." 
The Christian leader also noted that homosexuality is one of the three pillars of liberalism today – along with support of abortion and illegal immigration. 
"And so, because liberals have celebrated homosexuality to such a degree, they've helped these gay activists to feel like, “Oh, wow, I'm a victim, and the right is so hateful,” and they make up this whole mindset,” the outspoken conservative continued. “And then, sometimes, things can go off the deep end – like Jesse Smollett – and they act on it."

Yes, I confess that Peter LaBarbera is correct. And I would know because I was chairman of the committee to get Smollett freed. And I was very angry that I had to take time away from my crucial work of "recruiting" Christians into homosexuality and imprisoning children to hinder them from practicing their faith. Or something like. that.

But this was supposed to be secret. Who spilled the beans to LaBarbera? Why can't any of you queens keep your mouths shut?

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