Wednesday, August 31, 2016

'Matt Bomer to play transgender woman and people aren't happy' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Matt Bomer
Again with the transface, Hollywood? Matt Bomer booed for ‘playing’ trans - Though this seems like a negative controversy, it's actually a good thing. As groups of people become more visible, they are quick to demand their due and respect. I'm all for it. And the concerns are valid.  

A New Sense of Pride: Feeling the Heat: New Name Declares SC Pride’s Importance to Columbia - South Carolina is having its 27th's Pride Celebration. What should I wear?  

Groups encourage more gay couples to adopt children, be foster parents - I love this. Same-sex households are wonderful places to raise children. 

Tony Perkins: Obama's Attacks On Religious Liberty 'Just As Dangerous' As Terrorism - Blah blah blah, hyperbole, religious liberty, Obama is evil, Christians good, all "homosexuals" are evil, send money, blah blah blah.