Sunday, July 18, 2021

Three adults put under arrest for beating a 12-year-old child, shaving the word 'gay' in his head

These three were put under arrest for beating a 12-year-old child and shaving the word 'gay' in is head on a video last month which went viral.

A child's life has been turned upside down simply because of toxic masculinity and homophobia. And of course none of it was necessary.

From LGBTQNation:

Police in Atlanta have announced that they have arrested and charged three individuals for child abuse following their part in beating a 12-year-old boy and shaving the word “GAY” in the side of his head, all on video that went viral on social media. Brittney Monique Mills, 35, and Lorkeyla Jamia Spencer, 19, were both charged with cruelty to children. Jordan Jarrode Richards-Nwankwo, 18, was charged with “Battery – Family Violence” in addition to cruelty to children. 

 . . . Last month, after a video of a family torturing a 12-year-old boy went viral, the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services stepped in. The boy’s mother filmed the abuse and broadcast it on Instagram Live. Footage of the attack was captured from the broadcast and reuploaded across the internet. The video shows the young man being repeatedly smacked and demeaned by adults, as they shave his head, embedding the word “GAY” in the design. The word was put in his head as punishment because, as one person said in the video, “You still doing gay shit.” The boy, identified only as “Tyler,” was subsequently removed from the home.