Friday, November 30, 2018

'Video catches school officials harassing trans student while she was using the restroom' & other Fri midday news briefs

This is result of anti-trans hysteria promoted by groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom - Minnesota school staff breaking open a bathroom stall door simply because a trans student  is occupying it.

Trans student films being harassed while in school bathroom stall - I had to calm myself down so I can write this without swearing. I will say this - at press time, this is the situation (the facts may or may not change) in the same time period the anti-LGBTQ hate group the Alliance Defending Freedom is publishing bullshyte op-eds in the USA Today pushing false assertions about transgender students using school restrooms (claiming that they violate privacy of other students), we got a real incident in Minnesota about an underage transgender girl being humiliated simply because she was using the restroom at school. The stall door was shut and locked. But they jimmied it open. I am willing to bet you that all of this hysteria over trans students using public school restrooms was NOT started because they were using restrooms, but because groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council spooked people with their lies about "transgender predators."

School officials caught on video busting into bathroom stall with trans girl inside - LGBTQNation covers the situation WITH the tweet.

 Fox News continues to provide a safe space for extreme anti-LGBTQ group ADF - on the risk of sounding hysterical, ADF knows exactly that situations like the above can happen because of them. It's additional chaos which their nonsense causes. And according to Media Matters, this is how they do it. Go on Fox News, which is a safe space for them, and humanize their bigotry, i.e. present fake victims of the supposed LGBTQ agenda. The op-ed I mentioned in the first post was supposedly written by one of their clients. And in this post, the Fox News interview is with a representative of ADF and their latest clients - two owners of a calligraphy studio in Arizona.  The owners are claiming that non-discrimination laws themselves are wrong because these laws would violate their "religious liberty." Media Matters puts it like this:

ADF’s case is a “pre-enforcement” challenge, a common ADF legal tactic in which people sue over a law that has not yet been enforced against them. This case is one of at least half a dozen license-to-discriminate cases that ADF and its allies are pushing through the courts.

Anthony Kennedy says he ‘struggled’ with marriage equality ruling - I bet he did. 

Arizona’s new state House Speaker doesn’t believe LGBTQ people are equal under the law - Oh he doesn't? He will learn.