Wednesday, February 22, 2017

These are the transgender children you are going to hurt, Donald Trump

This mess Trump did in rescinding transgender student protections is bogus, ratcheted and basically a big bunch of bull. It stems from religious right propaganda and false stories about transgender predators scoping out girl's restrooms or parading themselves in the shower. It's not unlike the religious right propaganda (which is still used in many circles) which falsely portray lgbts as "recruiting children."  And in this particular case, it's devastatingly ironic because those who will be hurt by Trump's action are children. They are the transgender children whose voices are usually drowned out by the lies propagated by the religious right, Fox News, and the conservative right in general.  The following videos feature just a few of the many. See their faces, hear their stories, and educate yourselves on the issues of the transgender community.

'Federal judge sues using anti-lgbt 'religious liberty' card' & other Wed midday news briefs

Refusing to Watch LGBT Video, Houston Judge Sues Employer for Religious Discrimination - The lgbt community must take a hard stance against so-called "religious liberty" laws and not be swayed by the illusion that it's simply about bakeries and florists. These laws can bleed into cases of federal and state employees who want to take our tax dollars while refusing to do their jobs; from refusing to issue wedding licenses (hello Kim Davis) to, in this case, refusing to watch a video on how to treat us fairly. 

When Did Christians Become Comfortable with the Loss of Truth? - Not necessarily an lgbt issue per se, but it has a lot to do with us. When you have groups like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association steering people who label themselves as "Christians" into an entire train of thought which include lies and distortions, we have a serious problem with the faith itself. And very few are aware of this. 

 Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg gave misleading testimony at hearing on 'ex-gay' therapy - My post from last night.

 Same-Sex Marriage Laws Linked To Powerful Drop In Teen Suicide Rate - I already sent a link about this, but it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. This is why marriage equality is important. When our lgbt children see a more inclusive society and people fighting for a more inclusive society, it means the world to them. Never forget that. 

 This Republican Congressman Has A Plan To Help LGBT Renters And Homebuyers - Yeah, I know. The GOP is generally awful towards the lgbt community. This guy though seems credible in what he is attempting.  

49 People Tell Us When They Realised Being Open About Their Sexuality Mattered - Wonderful stories to inspire folks about being their authentic selves, particularly young lgbts.