Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The LGBTQ community is using Ernie and Bert to 'recruit' children? I never got the memo.


See, now this sort of thing makes me angry.

National Headquarters never sent me a memo or an email saying that we were switching to Ernie and Bert. I'm still using 'The Smurfs' to recruit (Oh stop with the fake surprise. I mean come on. A village with 100 males and one female.)  So how in the heck did vile homophobe Gordon Klingenschmitt get the news before me?

Seriously though, before the usual comments from "I bet he likes public restrooms" to "why do you give that homophobe any attention" commences, just remember a few things.

1. It's rather sad that almost 40 years after Anita Bryant, there are some folks who still believe that "gays recruit children."

 2. Most importantly, very briefly, Gordon Klingenschmtt here used to be a state legislator, serving one term in the Colorado state legislature. And while he is gone, remember that in state legislatures across the country, including the United States House of Representatives and Senate, there are a few who believe as he does about the LGBTQ community and children. And it only takes about two or three to team up with anti-LGBTQ hate groups like the Family Research Council or the Alliance Defending Freedom and push bills which give us hell.

So feel free to ignore Klingenschmitt here, but never ignore what he represents. You do that on your own peril.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.

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