Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Conservatives attempting to piggyback on Charleston tragedy to attack gays

The recent events in Charleston are bad enough. Unfortunately, Bryan Fischer and a few other anti-gay conservatives are attempting to make things worse by tying in the move to remove Confederate flags from places of honor at state houses to attacks on gays. They are claiming that the rainbow flag represents anti-Christian hate and should also be removed:

I am not aware of any rainbow flags flying at state houses but making ridiculous assertions has never stopped Bryan Fischer. And as The New Civil Rights Movement points out, Fischer is not the only conservative exploiting Charleston to attack gays:

'Anti-gay right moving to drama queen mode, Huckabee becoming delusional,' & other Tues midday news briefs

Mike Huckabee
Martyrdom And Dominion: Religious Right Conference Prepares For A 'Spiritual Battle' Against Gay Marriage - As we move closer to the POSSIBILITY of 50 state marriage equality, the religious right is moving into getting serious drama queen mode and are also getting confused. They don't know whether to become martyrs or attempt to take "total control." I personally wish they would make up their minds. 
‘One Million Moms’ attacks LGBT-inclusive Chobani, Tylenol pride month ads - These ads contained no nudity, nothing of a sexual nature, and profanity or violence. They just simply acknowledged that gay couples are raising children. OH YEAH. Pass the pitchfork.

  No, High Suicide Rates Do Not Demonstrate That Transgender People Are Mentally Ill - Zack Ford of Think Progress refutes some serious nonsense.  

Huckabee Announces Support For Term Limits – For Supreme Court Justices - Mike Huckabee has it confused. To be president, you must convince voters that you have the best plan for the country. It's not a race regarding how many times you show your ignorance.  

Mike Huckabee Pledges To Block Gay Marriage If Elected President - Doesn't mean that Huckabee won't try, though.