Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Saturday Night Live asks 'Is Dracula Gay?'

All of the controversy from this midterm election is killing me and the hits on my blog. Trump is like the blob in that horror movie because he is  consuming all of the attention from other issues, including LGBTQ issues.  Also, I find myself playing nurse maid because from time to time, I am posting videos and the like devoted to making people laugh and taking their mind off of the monstrosity in the White House and the havoc he is creating in the LGBTQ community. At least for a little while.

Granted,  I want to cheer people up, not distract them from what needs to be done - particularly voting. With that in mind, the video below is from a 1994 episode of Saturday Night Live with guest host John Travolta. In this sketch, Travolta portrays Count Dracula attempting to prove to a young couple that he isn't gay in spite of evidence to the contrary.

SNL - Dracula from lorne michaels on Vimeo.

'Sessions getting ready to weaponize 'religious liberty task force' against federal govt' & other Tue midday news briefs

In the controversy regarding Trump's illegal attack on birthright citizenship, the violence caused by his rhetoric, and him basically being a nasty cyst occupying the White House, the following move by Attorney General Jeff Sessions is being ignored, except for by Buzzfeed journalist Dominic Holden:

By the way, Sessions refuses to say who the members of his Religious Liberty Task Force, so Buzzfeed is suing for that information:

In other news:

What having a drag queen visit a middle school really means - Oh gasp and swoon! It's perfectly normal, folks. 

A protester with a trans flag interrupted Jeff Sessions’ speech. He wasn’t happy about it. - I suggest Sessions gets used to it.  

Candidate for Attorney General Accused of Having Told Gay Classmate ‘People Like You Should Be Shot’ - I'm speechless. Well not totally. VOTE BLUE!!!