Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lesbian appointee caught in crossfire between Peter LaBarbera and Glenn Beck

Apparently Peter LaBarbera is angry at Glenn Beck.

Recently Beck said he doesn't see gay marriage as a threat to America.

And of course this comment sent LaBarbera into orbit. He  posted two pieces that he claims proves Beck to be wrong.

Personally I could care less. You all know how I feel about LaBarbera. And I am totally indifferent to Beck. I see him as a circus clown willing to say or do anything to get the paycheck.

But as it is in arguments like these, innocent parties get smeared. Like the EEOC's Chai Feldblum.

LaBabera evoked her name to prove that somehow if gays get married, the rights of Christians will be up for revoke:

 . . . the prospect of State-sanctioned homosexual “marriage” will lead to the systematic, forced imposition of pro-homosexualist ideology on young and old Americans alike — and will engender innumerable lawsuits by homosexual activist attorneys who believe that their “right” to be affirmed and celebrated in the culture supersedes YOUR right to live according to YOUR beliefs.

Who could put it any better than lesbian legal activist Chai Feldblum, former law professor at Georgetown University and President Obama’s recess appointee to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC)? Regarding what she calls the “zero-sum” game that exists between homosexual legal “rights” and the freedom of religious/moral Americans to oppose homosexuality, Feldblum stated: “Gays win. Christians lose.” We hope her prediction  is wrong, but the lesbian prof’s secular “rights” formula is clearly advanced every time the noble institution of “marriage” is perverted to legally sanction ignoble, sinful conduct.

There is one problem with LaBarbera's claim. There is no record of Feldblum ever saying this.

Mike Huckabee and Bill McCollum: One homophobe endorses another

How is this for unsurprisingly nauseating? From Mike Huckabee:

Huck PAC and I are proud to endorse Bill McCollum for Governor of Florida. Bill McCollum first served our country and the people of Florida as an officer in the Navy JAG Corps, then as a member of Congress, and most recently as Florida’s Attorney General. A native Floridian, Bill not only understands the issues facing Florida but he has the experience needed to make real positive changes for the state.

Bill’s top priorities reside at the core of true conservatism: creating jobs, strengthening Florida’s economy, cutting spending, lowering taxes and implementing significant tax reform. Bill opposes Obamacare – in fact, he is joined by 19 other states filing a lawsuit declaring penalizing individuals for failing to purchase insurance is unconstitutional.

Bill shares our traditional values and is a pro-life, pro-family conservative that received a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee during his time in Congress. Bill is also an advocate for our Constitutional right to bear arms and will work tirelessly to stop any attempt to change that.

Gladly, I’ve already cast my ballot for Bill McCollum and I hope you’ll join me in supporting him. Let’s make sure Bill McCollum is our next Governor.

For the sake of those not up on such matters, that's Mike Huckabee endorsing Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum for the state's gubernatorial seat.

Huckabee has in the past:

  • aligned himself with Southern Poverty Law Center - identified hate group Mass Resistance whose leader Brian Camenker once made a claim in 2006 that "gays were trying to get legislation passed to allow sex with animals" in Massachusetts,
  • attacked lgbt families by comparing them to people raising puppies,
  • bent over backwards to assure Ann Coulter that he wasn't  "pro-gay" and "pro-sodomy."

McCollum is the same guy who spent over $100,00 of Florida taxpayers' money on a phony expert (George Rekers) to defend the state's law against gay adoption even after his staff gave him warnings about Rekers's credibility problems.

Rekers's testimony not only hurt the state's case but later it was revealed that Rekers had dubious relationships with a "rentboy" or male escort.

And even after that embarrassment, McCollum still wants to keep gays and lesbians from adopting children.

For two guys who don't exactly care for the lgbt community, McCollum and Huckabee make quite a couple, don't they?

Hat tip to People for the American Way.

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Ann Coulter dropped for being pro-gay? and other Tuesday midday news briefs

The Slapfight Continues: World Net Daily Dumps Ann Coulter Over Homocon Gig - I know the world is not total blacks and whites, but still can we eliminate the crazy colors?

Warning of God's Judgment, Hutcherson Wants Promotion of Homosexuality Banned - So Ken Hutcherson is the latest to pull the "homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle" lie. Been there, done that, got a t-shirt, used the t-shirt to clean my bathroom.

Historic Prop 8 ruling prompts ‘rare’ discussion about gay rights at Dallas Log Cabin meeting - A gay political group rarely discusses gay rights? ONLY the Log Cabin.

Lesbian teen sues Mississippi school district over yearbook photo - And I hope she wins too.

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Gay and lesbian college presidents 'plotting evil radical activist agenda,' whatever THAT is

For those who think that fear of American Muslims and fear of the lgbt community are two separate things, check out this from American Family Association's phony news service, One News Now:

News that several "gay" and lesbian-identified college and university presidents met recently to organize a push for the homosexual agenda is drawing the ire of pro-family organizations.

Nine presidents of higher-education entities recently gathered in Chicago and decided to form a new organization called LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education. The group agreed that a top priority should be "to push higher education to include issues of sexual orientation when talking about diversity."

Matt Barber, director of cultural affairs with Liberty Counsel, calls the meeting "bizarre," but he is not surprised by the strategy.

"This group of higher-ups within academia [is] going to be, from the top down throughout our universities around the country, pushing the political agenda of the radical homosexual activist left; we are going to see that from them," Barber warns.

In the long run, it doesn't matter why these lgbt college and universities presidents (whose names have been supplied generously by the phony news article) are meeting because folks like Matt Barber and entities like One News Now will spin it as a nefarious plan to overturn American values, just like Islamophobes will spin anything those of the Muslim faith will do as some sort of plan either to destroy America or "celebrate 9/11."

Fear doesn't need a reason to exist or rationality, just ignorance and hate as a fertile ground.

It's just as well though. If Barber and company pay too much attention to this meeting, they will miss the important conclave of us radical gay activists to be held in December.

During that time, I will be giving a lecture on how to give homosexual subliminal messages to children via the Smurfs, Popeye, and Bugs Bunny.

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