Monday, April 22, 2013

Anti-gay Liberty Counsel proves the venomous pedigree of its rhetoric

I found the above ridiculous conversation between the Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber and Mat Staver to be very interesting. They were making a illogical comparison about how naming anti-gay groups is similar to what the Nazi party did to the Jews in German before World War 2. Staver lists a bunch of things he claims the Nazis did to stigmatize those of the Jewish faith.. I found it very telling when one makes a real comparison:

Staver - Nazis painted false straw man images of Jewish people. But isn't this was what Staver did in October 2011 when he said that gay rights will doom civilization:

Staver - Nazis dehumanized Jews. But isn't this what Barber, Staver's radio cohost, did to gays in September 2011 when he claimed that gays advance pedophilia:

And Staver himself did to gays in early April this year when he and Barber claimed that "tolerance" of gays is a cancer which destroys societies:

Staver - Nazis fanned an environment where people hated Jews. But by falsely labeling gays as sex-obsessed in the following clip, isn't Staver - and Barber - doing the same thing:

I generally don't like to pull out a reference to Nazis, but I also don't like unfair comparisons. And, truth be told, if we were to ask the question just whose rhetoric mostly resembles that of the Nazi party, I think Staver's and Barber's has the lgbt community beaten by a couple of miles.

'Anti-gay group dishonestly ignores homophobic violence in France' and other Monday midday news briefs

NOM Denies Anti-Gay Violence In France After Praising Activist Who Called For “Blood” - How very "convenient." 

French Anti-Gay Violence Escalates As Parliament Leader Receives Death Threat - So much for a peaceful conversation. When some folks can't get their way, they abandon their lying fronts and show their true faces. 

NOM Openly Advocates For Anti-Gay Business Discrimination - I've said it once and I will say it again - if businesses can use the "religious liberty" argument to discriminate against gays, where does it stop? Who else can be discriminated against? 
5 religious leaders: Please, no more exemptions in R.I. gay-marriage bill! - Religious exemptions in marriage equality bills are pretty much a front created by folks who don't want a passage of marriage equality in the first place.  

FRC vs. 'homosexual activists and atheists' (a.k.a. their scapegoats and cash cows) - Okay are we trying to destroy the Boy Scouts or marriage? I forget.

Defender of anti-gay hate groups hurt their argument

As evidenced by the above biased report from Pat Robertson's 700 Club, the Familly Research Council and the American Family Association are working hard to push the pseudo controversy of them being called hate groups by an army officer.

One thing though. If you whine about being called a hate group based upon rhetoric, perhaps its best that the main person responsible for your plight not be the main person defending you. I mean with all of the video around on youtube, having Bryan Fischer playing defense over charges of hate doesn't exactly seem all that credible: